Sunlight shining in valley representing past life regression session discovery

Potential benefits and session topics

  • Get into greater internal alignment with what you want to achieve
  • Clear obstacles, resistance, and blockages of all kinds to achieving your goals
  • Create a process in your life of personal growth that can be something that you cherish and that is really meaningful to you
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety and understand and resolve issues causing it
  • Enhance your performance in various aspects of your life
  • Find deeper meaning in your life, yourself, and your relationships
  • Feel more inner-peace, love, joy, gratitude, and fulfillment on a consistent basis
  • Empower yourself with greater self-awareness, understandings, and tools to manage thoughts, emotions, and relationship dynamics
  • Resolve pain and suffering in your life and associated patterns, habits, and addictions
  • Love, accept, and forgive yourself and others on all levels
  • Enjoy more harmonious, balanced, and fulfilling relationships
  • Improve family dynamics and resolve emotional issues
  • Optional spiritual component: Connect more deeply to God / Energy / The Universe, and your Soul’s purpose and intentions

How sessions work

At the time of the appointment, Dexter and Alessandrina will call the client and begin helping them work through their issues according to their stated goals. Dexter and Alessandrina help clients by helping them understand and process their life experiences, thoughts, and emotions in new ways. They also help them understand their situation, and define an optimal path to where they want to go. These developed understandings allow clients to achieve foundational shifts in the ways they think, feel, and relate to others, as well as the choices they make. Dexter and Alessandrina also empower clients with techniques that they can utilize on their own. Therefore, they can continue evolving, transforming, and working through their issues after sessions. Clients learn methods and techniques such as meditations, release techniques, affirmations, and other tools depending on the client’s preference and the situation. The transformations that clients experience as a result of this work tend to have positive ripple effects across all areas of their lives.