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Life Is Like A Rock Tumbler

Life is like a rock tumbler. In this metaphor, each one of us is a rock. When we get in the rock tumbler, we’re rough, sharp, and edgy. As the rock tumbler begins to spin, we start bumping into each other over and over. As this happens, we often feel pain, react to the pain, judge ourselves and others, feel negative emotions, stress, fear, conflict and suffering.

That said, the rock tumbler is also a beautiful place. In between impacts, sometimes, we’re able to focus on and embrace this beauty – the love, grace, joy, and beauty of our true nature, environment, relationships, and purpose.  As we see and feel this beauty more and more, we can begin to want more of it. We can begin to stop disliking the pain and suffering of the collisions and start wanting to learn from them in an empowered way – to consciously evolve so that we can reduce our suffering and that of others and to grow closer to God and more grateful with every moment and every experience – whether good or ‘bad’. Gradually, day by day, we can introspect and begin to understand the why, how, when, where, and what that is the true cause of our suffering, we can begin to transcend our karma, our pain, our suffering. We can become more enlightened, joyful, peaceful, raise our vibration, and raise the vibration of the planet. As we become conscious creators and intentional in our process of spiritual evolution and healing, we begin to wear away the rough edges of the rock that we were when we first entered this rock tumbler.

Eventually, when we come out of the rock tumbler, we’re no longer the jagged and sharp rocks that we went in as. As a result of our spiritual growth, wisdom, and intelligence, we’re now smooth, round, and whole. In this state, we’ve learned how to love ourselves and others completely, we’ve released all of our fears, we’ve transcended all of our karma and conflict, and we’ve reached a point of consistent inner-peace, unconditional love, and non-judgment. We’ve reached a point of spiritual consciousness – of self-sovereignty, equanimity, and enlightenment.

This is the big picture view of what we aim to help with via our spiritual counseling process.

We all get to choose how much energy we spend introspecting, learning, and growing spiritually. You might meet some people who appear to prefer to spend their lives bumping into others, feeling pain, blaming it on external circumstances, and not really looking within to gain understanding. A poet named Khalil Gibran said (paraphrased), “the pain you feel is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding”. If we choose to, with the proper facilitation, we can all learn how to become more spiritual beings who learn, grow, and evolve from their experiences. This way, we can all experience greater inner-peace, joy, empowerment, success, love, and all the things we truly deserve. This future is available for anyone who chooses it, and who has access to the facilitation required for this type of spiritual growth to occur. The more people who choose this for themselves (the more leaders we have in this regard), the more spiritual healing, consciousness, and wellness that will spread across our planet and to future generations. We can all affect this positive change by starting with ourselves and accepting help in our process.

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