Young beautiful woman meditating in lotus pose.

Mantra Healing

Mantras are sacred sounds that carry a specific intention.  Sanskrit mantras have been used with powerful focus and intentionality for thousands of years and are empowered with spiritual energy.

Mantras can be used to infuse a new energy into your life.  They work with very subtle energies and have the capacity to clear, heal, release, and resolve negative energies and blockages that prevent your chakras from being in complete alignment with what you truly want and choose to experience in your life.

There are virtually mantras for every situation and circumstance:

  • to manifest a relationship
  • to resolve conflict in relationships
  • to get a job or advance in your career
  • to feel self-confidence
  • to experience greater inner peace
  • to achieve more success
  • to clear any and all blockages in your life
  • to improve your health
  • to release the fear of death and abandonment
  • to see through illusion
  • to communicate better
  • to attract money and receive more abundance
  • to bring about balance and harmony in your life
  • to become pregnant
  • to achieve higher states of consciousness
  • to resonate with God
  • to increase compassion
  • to clear negative karmas
  • to clear obsessive thinking
  • to achieve enlightenment 
  • to increase intuition
  • to develop psychic powers
  • to balance and energize your chakras
  • to bring your energy system into greater alignment
  • and more

During a mantra healing session, we'll evaluate with you which mantras which mantras would help you most to alleviate an unwanted situation, resolve a problem, or simply to come into greater alignment with an intention you wish to achieve.  

Once we've identified one or several mantras that support your  intention or goal, we'll help you define a daily practice that fits your schedule and lifestyle while providing you with the desired benefits brought about by the selected mantras.

Dexter and I have been practicing mantras for over 25 years now with great success.  We have found our mantra practice to have helped us in all areas of life.  To this day, we practice 2 hours of mantra each day.  We've been blessed to receive empowerment in various Buddhist practices and have participated in multiple trainings in Sanskrit mantras and pujas. We feel honored to teach and share with you the wonderful benefits that a regular mantra practice can bring in your life.

To schedule your Mantra Healing session, please visit this page.