Mantra: How to achieve Immediate Manifestation and Higher States of Consciousness

mantra practice for immediate manifestation and higher states of consciousness

If you’ve been feeling stuck or are looking to accelerate towards your goals, mantra can help.  In this article, we’ll explore how the use of mantra meditation can help you achieve immediate manifestation of life goals and attain higher states of consciousness.

No matter your religious background, mantras are completely safe to use. Though they are most often practiced in the Sanskrit and Hebrew languages, primordial and essentially hieratic languages that are seen as ‘vessels’ that protect spiritual concepts, they have no religious association and can, therefore, be used in the context of any belief system.

In this article, when we refer to mantras, we’re talking about ancient formulas of divine sounds and sound syllables that have been recorded by ancient sages of India and kept secret for ages in both India and Tibet. Many mantras have now been disseminated throughout the world and are being used in many different cultures and countries with specific intentions in mind.

If we look at the origin of the word itself, we find mantra to be a Sanskrit word with many different meanings. ‘Tool of the mind’ is one of them. For the purpose of this discussion, we’ll stick to this definition and explore in details how mantras can help you deal with aspects of your mind and thought-process that undermine your quality of relationship and life.

Mantra practice is based on the premise that everything in the Universe is vibration, or energy, which it is. If you looked at life and everything in it with the most precise instruments of measure, what you would see are just the vibration, or energy, underlying all aspects of your being, be it physical, mental, or emotional, and of all beings and things – seen or unseen.

‘First was the word and the word was God.’ Everything that exists in the Universe has manifested from an intention, a seed, a thought.

Mantra uses vibration to break down patterns of thought, feeling, and emotion which over time can become physicalized – in the form of illness and disease – through constant repetition of the same dysfunctional energy patterns.

Imagine having an inner dialogue that says, ‘I did this wrong’, ‘I was bad’, ‘I made a mistake’, ‘I am not enough’, ‘I am not worthy of love’, ‘I shouldn’t do this’, ‘I should do that’, etc. What kind of emotions and energetic vibrations would such repetitive negative thoughts create in your system? What limiting beliefs and fears – often subconscious – might be created as a result? And how do you think your body systems and organs would react to the release of stress hormones, continuous tensions, energy blockages, and overload created by stress and anxiety? How many of us do this all day every day without even realizing that it’s happening?

Where an established pattern of thought, emotion, or energy has been stagnating for a while, mantra comes in and breaks it down. It’s a little bit like jumping up and down on a trampoline and breaking down physical energetic blockages and releasing toxins and impurities from your physical body. But mantras don’t just break down old patterns, they also shift your vibrational resonance. Imagine repeating to yourself all day, ‘I hate you’ – which often times we do without realizing it. And then imagine, saying to yourself over and over, ‘I love you’. How differently do you think you would feel? What kind of thoughts do you think you would have? What kind of decisions do you think you might make as a result? And how different do you think your life might be then?

Mantras change the state of our consciousness. They are empowered with intention and intentionality. Mantras have the power to change the quality of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and therefore of your decisions, and life results by helping you resonate at a different vibrational frequency than you previously have.

In the context of meditation, mantra is a ‘tool of the mind’ that allows you to direct your energy in a specific direction and to access altered states of consciousness. In meditative states, the mind engages in new ways than what it’s usually busy doing – i.e. thinking = projecting uncertain potentials that we then believe to be real.

There are mantras for almost anything and everything. If you look up the word ‘mantra’ on the internet, you’ll find that there’s literally a mantra for just about anything that you can imagine in life. It means that you can pretty much find a mantra for anything that you want help with in life. All of that said, since mantra is a ‘tool of the mind’, it has its own built-in limitations. Anything that was created by thought lives, to some extent, within the constraint of that first creative thought. That said, until we reach a state of consciousness that’s not limited by the content of the personal mind and our personal set of experiences, mantra can be helpful in achieving specific states of consciousness and experiences that we seek.

Mantras are specifically designed to help us heal the challenges that we all face in life. If everything that exists in the material universe is actually sound vibration (whether audible or not), imagine the ramification of using mantra to transmute, change, or attract specific energies that you hold within the space of your mind and body.

The Buddha said, ‘you are what you think.’ How profound is it to look at this statement in reference to the sound vibrations of thoughts which resonate within our minds thereby attracting more of the same sound vibrations. We’ve all had the experience of having negative thoughts that brought about more of them, and colored our day with pessimism and negativity.

When we practice mantra, we replace the mental chatter with sound vibrations that knead the flesh of the body with sound and change the landscape of the mind – through the response of the nervous system to the sound vibration.

There are so many benefits to mantra, including helping you feel more peaceful or energized, or relieving the pain or other symptoms associated with illness. It can help you gain insight into a situation where you’ve felt stuck or helpless and in turn change your perspective of the situation, thereby bringing new energy and understanding to unlock difficult or unpleasant circumstances.
Further, it can bring into reality a relationship, money, a job, or whatever other intention you wish to manifest in your life. You can also use mantra to check and focus a disturbed mind upon a single point or thought when you feel hazy and fragmented.

Since the mind takes the form of its thoughts, the repetition of the mantra will help disengage the mind from the idle talk, negative ideas, and tale-bearing, so that it can, in turn, focus on your intention through the sound vibration of the mantra.

Using mantra is a dynamic, individual, compassionate, and nurturing way of approaching conditions we wish to change in life in a positive manner. Using intention with mantra is key. When we use intention, we’re directing the energy of the mantra more powerfully, and acting as a laser would when focused intently on a specific point.

As with intention, mantra also has its own limitations. No mantra can completely address the complexity of human problems which is a compound of the accumulation of all of our thoughts and actions over our lifetime, or multiple lifetimes if you believe in reincarnation.

Once you’ve become successful in harnessing the power of your intentions through mantras, let the mantras go and continue your free exploration of the mind and the unlimited nature of what lies beyond the mind and thought without the support of what has been created by thought.

Here’s a mantra we’ve selected for you to help you clear blockages, past recordings, and beliefs – whether conscious or subconscious – that are currently limiting you in achieving your goals.…/immediate-manifestation-mant…/

For optimal results, this mantra needs to be used at least twice a day, repeated 108 times each time, for a minimum of 40 days with a specific intention in mind.

If you’re interested in using mantra and enjoying the benefits that a regular mantra practice can bring into your life, then schedule a consultation with us to assess the best mantra for you to use in order to meet your personal needs and intentions and how to use it:

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