Mindfulness Training Course

mindfulness training course

The times when you go to bed and when you first wake up are the two most important times in your day.


Those are the times when you set the tone for your daily experience, relationships, and life.


What you do at both times defines what you’ll think about and what you will feel most throughout the day!!!


There’s nothing more empowering and fulfilling than starting your day with a clear and open mind and going to bed with an empty mind and a heart filled with appreciation.


If you’ve been struggling to achieve your intentions and goals, have felt disconnected in your relationships, experience ongoing stress, worry, or anxiety, often feel run down or get sick, are finding it difficult to stay focused and grounded, or simply want to enhance all aspects of life and relationships, then implementing a mindfulness practice into your life can help you change all that and more.


If you’ve tried to meditate by yourself before or if you’ve used various systems of meditation, you might have found that it was difficult for you to hold a space of consciousness without thought, worry, or negative emotions for extended periods of time, or that when you did, it all came back with more force after a period of quiet.


Would you like to change that and experience the benefits of a daily, easy, and down-to-earth mindfulness practice?


Would you like to be able to effortlessly focus on what you want more consistently and to experience more joy, inner peace, personal satisfaction, happiness, health and vitality as a result?


You can achieve those goals and more by implementing a mindfulness practice into your daily life.


You can learn how to focus on what you want and why you haven’t.


You can learn to let go of what you don’t want and why you resist that process.


You can become more mindful and bring about more feeling, contrast, meaning, relaxation and fun into your life.


You can define and refine your life intentions and hold them at the forefront of your consciousness all the time without causing resistance or disappointment.


You can learn to know and understand yourself more and achieve an extraordinary life as a result.


You can find your personal alignment with who you are and who you want to become.


Is that something that appeals to you?


Is that something worth working towards?


We’re planning to roll out an exceptional mindfulness and meditation training in Miami Beach in November 2017.


The training will be recorded and broadcasted via Zoom, which means that even if you’re not in Miami, you can still attend and get your Mindfulness certification with us.


Whether you want to become a certified meditation teacher, or are simply wanting to implement a grounded, enjoyable, and simple mindfulness practice into your life, you’ll love this training.


Not only will it benefit you but it has the potential to help all the people around you, your community, and the world as a whole.


Through our unique approach to mindfulness and meditation, we’ll help you achieve a life of goodness, relaxation, and unlimited potential right from the start.


When you learn to underhand and master your own mind and self through mindfulness and meditation, you can start achieving anything your heart desires.


Curious? Interested? Excited? Already in?


Dates and costs will be disclosed shortly.


Reply to this post or email and let us know if you’d like to join us.

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