Become a Reiki Energy Healer - Online Level 1 Certification

In this course, you'll learn to use Reiki to heal yourself and others. You'll also receive a Reiki attunement which will give your system the capacity to channel Reiki.  Learning Reiki with Alessandrina is a profound experience integrating many different teachings and understandings.  Reiki can help with many conditions and issues from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.  Simply channeling Reiki heals and balances your energy system and taps into a divine intelligence that is greater than anyone can ever fathom.

Note: Please do not use Reiki on anyone with Cancer.

One of a kind Training

Our Reiki energy healing certification training programs are truly unique.  They integrate many different healing methodologies and traditions we've trained in and practiced over the years, in addition to Reiki.  We’ve integrated these different approaches and systems and have only kept what we've felt to be most effective, beneficial, and in alignment for ourselves, our students, and our clients.

Some of the healing methodologies and approaches integrated into our Reiki energy healing certification training program include:

* (Japanese) Usui Reiki

* (Tibetan) Reiki Tummo

* Medical Qi Gong

* Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - Cupping and needle-free Acupuncture

* Extraordinary Vessels Acupuncture

* Karmic Healing

* Pranic Healing and Breathwork

* Vibrational Medicine

* Mantra (Sound) Therapy

* Music & Sound Therapy

* Self Cultivation

* Hypnotherapy



Following is an overview of what we typically cover in our full-day program:

1. Attunements and karmic healing
2: Grounding, opening your chakras, and channeling energy
3. Activating your chakras and clearing your energy system
4. Increasing sensitivity to energy, enhancing energy flow, and developing your energy system
5. Physical areas to channel to, hand positions, opening and closing rituals
6. Opening the heart, releasing past pain and trauma, and enhancing energy channeling
7. Intentionality in healing
8. Self-healing
9. Healing others
10. Personal practice and refinement
11. Environment, clearing, and energy protection for healing
12. Self-practice exercises
13. Supporting media

Manual, tracks, and videos are all included in the training.  The training certification program is available in person and online (live or on your own time).