Our Mind: How to understand your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions

Would you like to understand the nature and source of all your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that you can resolve them.  In this article, you’ll learn more about the subconscious and unconscious mind, and how learning to know yourself can help you resolve all negativity and blockages to your success in relationships and life.

Our negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions are just the shadow cast by unresolved emotions in our subconscious mind

What we experience as negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions is just the shadow that is cast by the unresolved emotions in our subconscious mind.  There is so much we do not know, understand, and are not aware of.  That needs not be a problem.  Becoming aware that the content of our mind is much more than what we thought it was is an opportunity to become aware of ways in which we can further enhance our experience in our lives.  If you felt pain in your foot and were limping as a result, wouldn’t you rejoice at the idea that it was just a rock in your shoe that created the pain?  Then all you would have to do is take the rock out of you shoe, and your foot pain would be resolved.  You’d then go on with your day and life, walking freely and joyfully.  The same is true with the uncovering of the unresolved emotions in our subconscious mind.

The realm of your subconscious and unconscious mind is unlimited.  It’s like a brand new world for you to explore

So what is it really like to look at what’s going on in our subconscious and unconscious mind?  From what we see in plain view, we move into the abyss of what we cannot see, or at least what we couldn’t see at first.  Just like when you first turn off the lights in a room, and it takes you a moment to get used to your eye receiving less light and you adjust your vision.  At first, it’s almost like you’re blind and you can’t see anything, and then you start to see.   The abyss is almost unlimited.  It is the content of our subconscious and unconscious mind.  In it, you will find all your misunderstandings, all the pain you never resolved, all your misinterpretations about yourself, others, and life, all your beliefs, all your fears, and more.  The deeper you go in – into your unconscious mind – the more information you access.  If you manage to access your unconscious mind, for instance in meditation, hypnotherapy, or if you do any kind of healing work, or work with a psychic, you can become aware of everything that’s ever existed and has ever been experienced by man, or in the Universe.  Imagine that.  It’s not a fantasy. That’s real.

Don’t be afraid to learn to know yourself.  It will free you

You need not be afraid of diving into the abyss, it is truly your friend.  In the abyss, you will get to know and understand yourself.  How much better is life going to be when you know and understand yourself.  When you know and understand yourself, you empower yourself to go out and get what you truly want in life.  So much of our focus is spent focusing on others.  We try to understand why people think what they think feel what they feel, and do what they do.  This is a distraction.  Knowing what someone else thinks, feels, and why they do the things they do is not going to free you.  Knowing what someone else thinks, feels, or why they do what they do is not going to help you understand deeply why you think, feel, and do what you do.  And that’s truly the most important thing we can do in life.  Without that understanding and self knowledge, we remain co-dependent in relationships, only doing what we think will get us the results that we want in others, not ourselves.  When we shift our attention away from ourselves, and start focusing on someone else, we are trying to control outcomes.  That’s normal. It’s just not useful.

Controlling others doesn’t work.  It only gives us the illusion of being safe in our relationships and life

Shifting our focus away from us is a control strategy that gives us the illusion of being safe in relationships.  Supposedly, If we can control the person we are in relationship with, we will never be abandoned, and thus unsafe.  If that were true, we wouldn’t have a 40-50% divorce rate.  If we could really control others into doing what we want them to do, then there would never be any misunderstanding, argument, conflict, compromise, or fear.  Is that really how it works?  Or is control just a big illusion that we would all love to believe to be true.  And even if we had total control over everybody, would that truly bring us happiness and joy?  Or, would we just derive feelings of relief and safety from being in control?  There’ a big difference between how we feel when we are safe, and not triggered in fear, and how we feel when we are free, open, and fulfilled.

Focus on learning to know yourself, and why you think, feel, and do what you do

So, if controlling others is not the solution, and if it won’t get us what we truly want, what will?  There is another and better way to achieve our intentions and goals in our relationships and life.  There is a way where the focus is on you, exclusively on you.  The focus is on learning to know yourself, and why you think, feel, and do what you do.  The focus is on learning to understand the underlying WHY of all your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  This focus will take you into the realm of your subconscious and unconscious mind.

You can have more power and influence simply by understanding your own psyche

Through this exploration, you’ll learn about your deepest pain, your fears, limiting beliefs, expectations, judgments, and control strategies.  It’s great to learn about what’s truly motivating you and why.  These new understandings about the true nature of your pain, your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions hold the key to releasing any and all limitations you experience in your life.  Through them, you will learn how to resolve your pain – mental, emotional. spiritual, and even physical – at the very core.  Through this self explorative process, and getting to know yourself, you will permanently free yourself from triggers, pain, negativity, fear, and co-dependency in relationships.  Through this deep inner work, you will not only learn how your psyche works but how your partner’s and others’ psyche work too.  Through the understanding of your own psyche and that of others, you will develop a greater capacity to have power and influence in your relationships and life.  And through your personal empowerment, you will begin to accelerate towards your intentions and goals.

The paradigm of control is over.  There is a better way

There is no better and more rapid way forward in your relationships and life.  This is the way.  It might not seem like the fastest way if you’ve gotten used to thinking that you could get your way by controlling others.  But truthfully, where has this way gotten us?  Overstressed, overweight, diseased, 40-50% divorce rate, addicted, violent, isolated, lonely, fearful, depressed, in conflict, at war.  The paradigm of control is over.  We need a better way.  Self knowledge and understanding the content of your own subconscious and unconscious mind is the way forward.  Having access to an unlimited psyche and living your life with intentions, conscious wisdom, discernment, and conscious discipline is a better way.  It’s the way to attain the greatest and most fulfilling relationships.  It’s the way to attain deep inner peace, joy, unconditional love, happiness, self acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, fulfillment, and God alignment.  It’s also the way to accelerate greatly towards your intentions and goals, and to live of life of freedom and creativity.  If that’s something that you’re interested in, and if you want to resolve your pain at the root and achieve your goals faster and in a more meaningful way, then check out how our services can help you:  Services

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