Past Life Regression Experience: You can remember everything

You can remember everything…

Every experience we have, the associated thoughts, interpretations, feelings, emotions, fears, and beliefs that derive from the experience, are all recorded and stored at the time of the experience.

In addition to that initial recording of the experience and its associated by-products, each new experience we have brings about new recordings that are inevitably influenced by the initial recording, thereby giving momentum to what was originally recorded.

The ripple effect of what we record is therefore far-reaching and can continue to affect our consciousness and therefore influence our life choices (which are a result of how we interpret reality at any point in time) for a very long time, sometimes across multiple lifetimes.

If what we record at each point in time is influenced by what was recorded prior to the new experience, are we actually recording the experience itself or our interpretation of the experience through the lens of prior recordings and interpretations of past experiences?  The plot thickens…

When consciously looking at this process in more detail and reconciling what is really happening (if there is such a thing), it’s easy to see that the layers of interpretations build upon one another, and that as more layers are created, we move further away from the original experience and thus the ‘truth’, or objective reality.

And so when we remember something, what is it that we are really remembering?

A composite of thoughts, fragments of memories, interpretations layered upon each other, beliefs, fears, feelings, emotions, replicas of what we believed to be reality or ‘truth’ at the time of the experience, etc.

All of these fragments of experiences that we call ‘the experience’, or ‘what happened’ and look at as reality are stored in our bodies and cells, our mind, the ‘mind’ of humanity (the collective consciousness), objects, and through many other ways, material, and matter in the form of energy.

What was recorded at the time, and remains stored ‘there’, until we release it from the pool of our experiences and consciousness, is only a mix of interpretations and projections based on our state of consciousness and the influences affecting us at that very moment in time.  It’s not objective reality.  Becoming aware of what it is is very helpful in our process of reconciliation and transcendence of pain.

In past life regression, we have the opportunity to revisit these memories and recordings with the conscious and focused intention of transcending any detrimental physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual influences they have on us, our relationships, and our lives.

In my own personal experience, I have found that many of the unwanted patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that we experience in daily life and which consistently undermine the quality of our life experience (even if we are not aware of them or of their subtle influences) lie in our subconscious or unconscious mind.

I have also become aware through deep introspection, training, and rigorous experimentation that past life regression is a safe, supportive, and non-invasive process of accessing those fragments of memories and recordings that would otherwise remain in our subconscious and unconscious mind, where they continue to negatively influence us without us realizing it.

Through the process of past life regression, we are empowered to shine the light of consciousness on otherwise subconscious and unconscious influences and processes so that we can understand them in a more comprehensive, accurate, and empowering manner.

Resolving partial and inaccurate interpretations and recordings and shifting our perspective about past painful memories and traumas – which are often times suppressed or repressed where they are not accessible to our conscious mind – can help us permanently clear phobias, undesirable physical and mental symptoms, dissolve unwanted thoughts, transcend inexplicable fears and limiting beliefs, resolve addictions, suicidal tendencies, stress and anxiety, and low self worth, etc.

If you can remember everything, it means that in time and with conscious preparation, wisdom, and discernment, you can bring back any memory to the light of consciousness with the intention of transcending any associated conscious or subconscious painful interpretations that may be limiting you and your life experience in any way in the present moment.

Reliving a past painful memory in order to transcend the pain of it through a carefully crafted and conscious process of past life regression is not a traumatic process, it is an enlightening one that can permanently free you from suffering.

It is a gentle, conscious, compassionate way of releasing blockages and limitations that would otherwise continue to build layers upon layers of pain, misunderstandings, limiting beliefs and fears that take away from your joy, health, happiness, your capacity to enjoy and share love freely, and to pursue the dreams that are most meaningful and fulfilling to you.

If you have doubts and feel skeptical about the validity of past life regression experiences, listen to this short excerpt where Dr. Brian Weiss gives a variety of scientific and experiential evidence about past life regression experiences:

Due to the warm reception of our first group workshop on past life regression last month and the growing demand for both private and group past life regression sessions, we’ve decided to host group past life regression workshops on a monthly basis in order to support the desire for people to have or cultivate such experiences.

Here are links to the group past life regression workshops for the next 3 months:

Saturday, July 21st, 10.30-12.30pm –
Sunday, August 12th, 2-4.30pm –

Saturday, September 22nd, 2-4.30pm –

If you prefer to experience a private and personally guided past life regression, you can schedule a session with either of us by texting or calling me (Alessandrina) at 786-308-9552 or Dexter at 305-606-5941, or emailing us at

For more events, retreats, and resources to facilitate healing, personal development, and spiritual enlightenment, visit:

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