Past Life Regression Hypnosis

A past life regression session can help you find new insight, self understanding, awareness, and fuel to transcend issues in your life, progress towards your goals, and connect more deeply to your loved ones, your Soul and to Spirit.


  • Learn incredible new things about yourself and your past
  • Explore how you are a beautiful, immortal, being of light that is always loved and can never be harmed
  • Experience profound insights that will help you with your intentions
  • Resolve old fears, patterns, karmas, and blind spots from the past
  • Connect deeply to loved ones (living and not) and feel how you’re always connected
  • Develop your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Connect to spirit guides, angels, and other divine beings and receive messages and healings from them
  • Practice opening your heart, throat, and crown chakras and using love, wisdom, and understanding to navigate your life
  • Learn a wonderful new meditation technique that you can use on your own

Certified by Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Dexter and Alessandrina were trained and certified by the wonderful Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression Hypnosis. Our training with him revealed him as more than just a psychiatrist. We found him to be a loving, calm, fun, and wise spiritual teacher.  We were happy to find that our teachings blend very well with Dr. Weiss’s teachings and his process. It is rare that we find vocational training with an instructor that is in such alignment with what we offer and how we perceive the world. We are blessed to have trained with him.

What is it

Past life regression hypnosis uses a gentle process of hypnosis to help people access past life memories stored in their subconscious. You can remember everything. Your subconscious mind is a storehouse of all of your memories – even memories you didn’t know you had. These memories can be from your current lifetime, past lifetimes, and even future lifetimes! Hypnosis helps you access the energy of these memories that are always there, beneath the surface, affecting us in ways we often don’t realize.

Why use it

Resolve issues and clear blockages

The past life memories in our subconscious can influence the way we see and experience ourselves, others, our relationships, and the world. Thus, they are the cause of many life issues and blockages. People use past life regression to find and release these memories (or karmas) that are causing issues or blockages in their lives. This can create foundational shifts in the way they experience themselves and the world. It can positively change they way the feel, think, and behave. Resolving these past life memories and clearing associated karmas can create a lot of positive spiritual and personal progress. It can create the space for new self-awareness and consciousness. It can also help cleanse our spiritual bodies and energy system to allow positive energies to flow through us more consistently and to quickly process out any negative energies.

Discover who you are

Past life regression can also be used to understand who you are more deeply by understanding who you’ve been. This can help you connect to your soul’s purpose and intentions for this lifetime, what you’re here to learn, and why you’ve had the experiences that you’ve had. With this information, you can make more conscious and aligned choices about relationships, family, money, and the future. This can really help put your past experiences into perspective. You can answer questions such as, “why did this happen to me?”, “why this relationship?”, “why this child?”, and more. Asking these questions from an empowered, conscious perspective can help you realize that the things that happen to us are actually happening for us. Making this connection allows us to gain the deep benefit and learning that our life experiences and our karma have to offer us. From this vantage point, we can forgive, find inner-peace, and fulfillment from any situation.

Connect to spirit

Dexter and Alessandrina also help people connect to spiritual beings such as angels, spirit guides, prophets, deities, and more using past life regression hypnosis. During regressions, we can help people communicate with these spiritual beings as well as receive healing energy from them. This can help with any personal, relationship, family, or spiritual goal. Many people find themselves more able to channel during past life regression hypnosis.