Past Life Regression Hypnosis

A past life regression session can help you find new insight, self understanding, awareness, and fuel to transcend any issue in your life as well as make breakthroughs towards your goals. My wife and I have helped many individuals better understand who they are, why they're experiencing what they're experiencing, and deeply connect to their soul's intentions for this life time. You're fulfillment, your healing, your relationships matter, and we'd love to help you too.

You can learn more about our Past Life Regression Sessions directly from us over a short phone call where we can learn more about your situation, what you're looking for help with, and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can read more about our process below. If you'd like to learn more by speaking to us, please call us at 305.606.5941 (Dexter) or 786.308.9552 (Alessandrina) or submit the form by clicking the contact us button below and we'll contact you shortly.

Releasing Skepticism and Understanding more about

the Benefits of Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

The practical benefits of Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

'Life changing!  Every time, you come a little closer to your true self... Amazing!  Everybody should try it!'

'...The past life regression sessions are amazing, completely different than what I expected and thought they were going to be.  Life changing, for sure. I think we don't realize how much we hang on to things of our past that we think mean nothing, but when they come to light, they mean everything.  And they explain a lot of why we do things in our lives continuously. So for me, just doing two sessions has been amazing, and I can't wait to do more. And that's how I feel, every week, I get excited to do another one because every week is different and every time you do it is different, and you come a little closer to your true self and you're able to let go and experience, and it's amazing.  And definitely, definitely, everybody should try it! '

​- ​Carolina, Owner at SobeLift, Miami Beach, FL

Past Life Regression with Dexter and Alessandrina

In this article, we'll discuss our certification, what is a past life regression and why do it, the benefits of a past life regression session, how much a past life regression session costs, and (a question we get often) whether past lives are real!

Certified by Dr. Brian Weiss

My wife and I are trained and certified by wonderful Dr. Brian Weiss in Past Life Regression. Our experience with spiritual counseling (helping people work with and understand their karma, relationships, energy dynamics, and their internal thoughts, emotions, motivations, and desires) blends very well with the techniques taught by Dr. Brian Weiss. We are able to integrate these various understandings to provide a very empowering and spiritually healing regression session. Please read below to learn more about past life regression sessions and contact us if you'd like to try a session.

What is it and why do it?

A past life regression session, in person or over the phone, can be used to help transcend a variety of personal, professional, family, and relationship issues as well as achieve breakthroughs towards one’s worldly and spiritual goals.

Past life regression can support you and help you with almost any intention you have, including intentions of healing from physical, mental, or emotional illness, losing weight, resolving marital disputes and relationship issues, attracting money and abundance, meeting your soulmate, releasing grief, stress, and anger, finding more joy and fulfillment in life, enhancing your creativity, and more.

That’s because past life regression hypnosis, when facilitated by a self-aware, humble, and non-biased past life regression facilitator, can empower someone to consciously and comprehensively explore, map, and resolve the different interpretations of past life experiences that they've recorded and stored in their system (their mind, body, and spirit) in the form of traumas, memories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and fears that are either creating blind spots, limitations, or resistance in their process of manifesting their intentions and getting the most that they can out of every moment of life.

Without past life insight, those limitations – meaning the traumas, memories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and fears that we operate with – can remain invisible to our conscious awareness, or, in other words, they can operate subconsciously in our lives.  In the spiritual counseling work my wife and I do, and in our personal life experience, we’ve found that gradually, consciously, unearthing and uncovering any and all subconscious traumas, memories, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and fears that are not in alignment or congruent with our intentions, can allow us to clear the resistance to achieving our goals at the root, and, therefore, clear our own path to achieving our goals in a rewarding, fulfilling, inspiring, and empowering way.

In addition to using past life regression to treat unwanted, existing issues, regression is also a way to proactively clear resistance in ourselves before it manifests as external resistance or unwanted results. This external resistance and these unwanted results can be seen as the obstacles and issues that come up – conflict, health, financial, communication, technology, relationship, spiritual, mental, behavioral, and other issues – while we’re trying to achieve our deepest intentions in life.  From a spiritual perspective, you could look at these obstacles and resistance as merely a reflection of our internal resistance.  If you clear the internal resistance, these obstacles tend to dissolve.  When the obstacles dissolve, you can achieve your goals and intentions, and even heal, effortlessly! Proactive work in this regard falls under the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as stated by karmic healer John Jones.

Finally, another wonderful aspect of past life regression is that it can be an excellent tool to complement one's spiritual journey. For individuals interested in attaining greater self-sovereignty, empowerment, and spiritual clarity in their lives - such as understanding themselves and why they're here as well as understanding the dynamics that tend to govern their interpersonal and intrapersonal interactions - a past life regression session can be an excellent way to expand spiritual insight and awareness of ourselves and others.

Benefits of a past life regression session

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A past life regression therapist can help you connect the dots as to why your soul chose this body, this life, these relationships, and these life experiences. When navigating emotionally challenging or difficult times, realizing why things are unfolding as they are, and realizing how (despite the discomfort these events may bring) these experiences are ultimately benefiting our soul can be very valuable in our process of navigating our lives. That’s because this greater perspective can empower us with the precious emotional fuel and understanding required to feel at peace with what’s happening in our lives, as well as motivated, focused, disciplined, and willing to face our life experiences with a constructive, open, and receptive state of consciousness.  It is this state of consciousness that will allow us get great results and experience rewarding and fulfilling spiritual evolution.

From our personal viewpoint of human energy dynamics, our spiritual perspective and insights, our experiences helping individuals via holistic counseling, and our own personal healing experiences, we’ve come to see the tremendous capacity we all have as individuals to affect our own healing - whether it be mental, emotional, behavioral, relationship, or spiritual healing. While our work is not meant to be a substitute for any medical service or institutionalized form of counseling, we have had amazing experiences empowering ourselves and others with holistic approaches that have allowed them to feel better and enhance their own healing process – often times completely. Certainly, many disorders and illnesses come from chemical imbalances. Simultaneously, energetically and spiritually speaking only, we have found that it is possible for individuals to identify the root cause of the chemical imbalance. Often times, this root cause is an energy - a trauma, memory, thought pattern, emotion, belief, or fear - that has been running subconsciously in their systems.  When these energies, or network of fears, beliefs, memories, emotions, and thoughts (etc.) are identified, they can be mapped out and then released in a conscious and discipline manner via self-awareness and release tools. Regression therapy can help with this process because it allows individuals to unmask these networks of energies that can create chemical imbalances in their systems that then manifest as depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, addiction and other mental, emotional, or behavioral health issues.

Similar to the information explained above, past life therapy can help an individual uncover the spiritual context and direct past life experiences that are linked to current experiences of negative emotions, limitation, and disempowerment. Having this spiritual context, and even revisiting the past life experience can often produce ‘the missing key’ that allows individuals to unlock new potential to work through whatever issue or limitation they are experiencing.

Our relationships in our current life are usually tied to relationships in our past lives. Often times, we’re actually ‘revisiting’ individuals we’ve had many life times with. Other times, we’re replaying relationship dynamics from past lives with new individuals in this life. In either case, a past life regression therapist can help someone understand why a certain relationship might be unfolding as it is in a way that helps the individual find new sources of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness and therefore work through and heal whatever relationship issues they’re experiencing. This can be especially helpful in relationships that exhibit codependent and narcissistic dynamics.

In regards to enhancing all aspects of our lives, past life regression therapy can help us understand better why we’ve chosen the career path we’ve chosen, how our current life circumstances fit in with our soul’s intentions, and why we’ve experienced the seemingly unexplainable patterns that we’ve experienced in life. This insight provides clarity and a new conscious perspective we can use to navigate our lives, appreciate our lives, and learn more from our past, present, and future.  When we say learning, we don’t mean book learning or memorization of knowledge. We’re referring to the self understanding, self awareness, spiritual insight, and wisdom that can bring deep personal fulfillment.

When you work with a humble and self-aware past life regression therapist, you can uncover different aspects memories, beliefs, and past life perspectives that subconsciously influence you every day from moment to moment. Once you become aware of these, you get to reassess them and consciously choose whether they are truly serving you. Through this process, you can find more energy for focus, stamina, and concentration by releasing the subconscious mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns that were using your valuable energy while not serving you optimally in the ways you wanted.

Spiritually and energetically speaking only (not medically), many illnesses and medical conditions in our current life are related to issues, experiences, and energies from past lives that we’ve carried onwards to resolve. Sometimes, the illnesses we have are actually helping us resolve these past life karmas by ‘burning’ through them. Unfortunately, this process of healing can be detrimental to our current incarnation, despite being ultimately beneficial to our soul as whole. Through a past life regression therapy session, you can actually consciously work with past life karmas that could be leading to your illness in this life time. By surfacing these karmas into the light of our consciousness and understanding why they exist, how they began, and then extracting the learning they’re meant to provide us with, we can be empowered with an additional tool or approach to help heal ourselves of whatever medical condition you we be experiencing.

Our souls carefully choose each incarnation we take on. They choose incarnations which they feel will benefit their learning and evolution. Often times, a soul will choose a seemingly difficult incarnation, maybe one of poverty or illness, to learn a deeply valuable lesson. In the context of our spiritual path, the challenges we face in the physical world might not be so bad after all – especially once we realize and gain the capacity to value all the great learning opportunity we’re being given. In the context of just the physical world, however, life can sometimes feel boring, unfulfilling, or unfair. Of course, these negative feelings are disempowering.  Through regression therapy, one can work through these feelings by coming to a deeper realization, understanding, and connection to who they really are, why they’re here, and what their soul might like to achieve in this lifetime. Having this connection to your higher self can make all the difference in your incarnate experience of life from moment to moment. It can turn a bleak, mundane, or overwhelmed perspective into a rich, meaningful, and energized appreciation for life!

Our past lives are constantly influencing our thoughts, emotions, decisions, behaviors, actions, and results in our current life. Sometimes, we might not understand why things are happening as they are, or why we are getting certain results. Having access to information about our past lives can help us understand the significance of our current life circumstances and results. It can also help us shift these results by helping us identify patterns we may have been stuck in for hundreds of lifetimes! Talk about progress!

We don’t know what we don’t know, until we do! Our subconscious (unknown) fears, beliefs, memories, and trauma are constantly influencing our experience of life, the thoughts and emotions we have, and the decisions we make. Of course, all of this, in turn, influences the results we get. When we have subconscious fears, limiting beliefs, and other unwanted energies in our system, they can often have an invisible negative effect on us. Meaning, we might not even be aware that we are being energetically drained or that we can do anything about it. A past life regression session with a humble and self aware therapist can help you identify these invisible limitations, and thus help you proactively clean the closet of your precious mind, body, and spirit. This allows you to improve all aspects of your life simultaneously while embarking on a self-discovery journey that you can take with you across lifetimes! It can also help you work through underlying anxiety, frustration, or other unwanted thinking and emotions (as well as the root cause of addiction and other disease) that may have been dragging on you without your realizing. Like the easy feeling of running on responsive pavement after running on deep, heavy sand, identifying and releasing these limitations can produce feelings of liberation, freedom, clarity, healing, agility, and enlightenment in life.

One could say that lifetime after lifetime, our soul is engaged in a game of Legos. In each life time, we take what we’ve learned in the past life times and put that together with whatever material our soul has chosen for this lifetime. Then, at the end of the lifetime, we look at what we’ve built and start all over again. Over time, this process produces wisdom that allows us to eventually experience unconditional love, enlightenment, and higher consciousness until we ultimately return to God. What many people don’t realize is that they can consciously, actively participate in their process of spiritual evolution. They can connect to their soul and maintain that connection so that every choice they make in their life benefits their current incarnation, and their higher self’s journey. This wonderful alignment allows us to experience a rewarding and fulfilling process of personal evolution and learning.

Past life regression cost

My wife and I offer past life regression for the same cost as our holistic counseling and spiritual counseling services. In fact, when clients are working with us on holistic addiction or relationship counseling, or any other type of counseling, we’ll tie in past life regression if they are open and receptive and if we feel that it’s helpful for them at that time. Our services are priced very simply. We offer our holistic counseling services, including past life regression, over the phone at a per minute rate of $2.50. We also offer packages that individuals can buy in bulk to discount this rate. If you’re in our area and prefer to work in person rather than over the phone, we’re happy to have you visit us in person for a past life regression session or a general spiritual counseling session at our home office.

Are past life regression experiences real?

From Alessandrina...

When working with clients who are trying out past life regression for the first time, the very first question that comes up is, ‘Are my past life regression experiences real?’

People want to know if what they are experiencing is real, or if it’s their imagination, or fantasy, or if it’s symbolism.

It’s such a great question to ask, and I love answering it.  The first thing I ask when my clients or people who are considering a past life regression session when they ask me this question is, ‘what’s real? What do you consider to be reality?”

I love seeing the grin on their faces, or the soft chuckles on the other end of the phone line when I ask that.

I continue by saying, ‘Whatever it is, your mind created it. Whether it’s a past life, your imagination, fantasy, some kind of symbolic daydreaming, or a combination of any one of these things, it’s real to you and it’s real to your mind.  And that’s all that truly matters.’

The reason why that’s true and why that’s important is that if you go into doubt about the process, and start intellectualizing it or questioning what’s real and what isn’t, you’ll be stopping the natural, uncontrolled flow of what you could otherwise become aware of.

And it’s that awareness that’s at the core of past life regression sessions.  That awareness is the process of allowing the content of otherwise repressed and suppressed memories and imaginings buried deep within your subconscious to come into the light of your consciousness where it can be processed out.

The benefit of bringing it at the level of consciousness is that by doing so you can permanently heal any symptoms that it might create in your day to day life, and permanently release it from your subconscious mind so that it no longer continue to unknowingly influence your choices and affect the quality and results of your experience of life.

Imagine, for example, that you have an irrational and unexplained fear of water.  So much so, that you can’t go anywhere near water, that when your children swim you become fearful and controlling, and that you carry this underlying anxiety with you everywhere you go.  Wouldn’t you want to be free of this anxiety and expand your realm of experiences as well as be free of fear and controlling tendencies that create tension and friction in your relationships?

So now, you decide to try hypnosis and past life regression and during your session, you uncover that you have drowned in a past life.  After your session, you question whether that really happened and you feel perplexed.

The next day you wake up, and you feel lighter and more relaxed.  You go for a walk in a relaxed and almost hypnotic state.  You feel good.  All of a sudden, you realize that you’ve walked all the way down to the river and you’re not fearful at all.  You’re enjoying looking at the water and you feel drawn to it.  You feel at peace.

Would it matter if the past life when you experienced yourself drowning was real or not, if, all of a sudden, you didn’t have the irrational fear of water you’ve carried with you your entire life, and you expanded your capacity to be happy and to have more experiences?

It wouldn’t.

That’s the miracle of past life regression experiences.  It happens.  As you allow the content of your subconscious mind to come to the light of consciousness, deep seated phobias, unexplained thoughts, feelings and emotions are healed and resolved never to return.

So, if that’s the case, and if there’s a chance that you could experience such a fundamental healing, does it matter if it’s real?  Would you even care to find out if it’s real or not.

If there’s no such thing as objective reality, and the unique reality we all experience is actually a projection of our own individual minds, then it truly doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that we heal, we transcend mental limitations and the detrimental emotional and behavioral results that they create in our lives, and that the quality of our life experience is greatly enhanced in the process.

Let the healing be real and focus on that and only that, and it will be.

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