Past Life Regression

Uncovering who we were and the events we experienced in past lives can resolve seemingly unresolvable emotions, patterns, phobias, fears, health issues, relationship conflict, and many other unwanted situations and circumstances in our lives.

During a past life regression, you have the opportunity to revisit childhood and past life memories that influence you negatively in your life so that you can reintegrate those memories, associated emotions and beliefs in a more optimal way.

Through this process, which happens at a different level of consciousness, new understandings and perspectives can be arrived at, allowing for a shift in consciousness that supports the resolution of any negative beliefs, fears, emotions, and other patterns created and recorded at the time of the event.

By releasing and transmuting the energy of the past, a healing can occur on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual level of your being, allowing for something new to emerge.

A past life regression can help you with:

  • health conditions
  • phobias and fears
  • healing relationship conflict
  • stress and anxiety
  • unwanted patterns and addictions
  • a negative mindset
  • finding a loving partner
  • understand where your emotional pain stems from
  • feeling more loved, cared for, and understood
  • financial abundance and prosperity
  • career and life success
  • manifestation
  • self acceptance and forgiveness
  • forgiveness of others
  • spiritual growth
  • clearing the fear of death
  • and much more

If you've never done a past life regression before, we suggest that you start with a hypnosis session first so that you can prepare to go much deeper with a past life regression.

Doing some hypnosis first can help clear any subconscious blocks to accessing your past lives.

In addition, it will help if you first gain clarity over the subconscious aspects of yourself and past lives that you wish to clear and remove the influence of on your life results.  If you need help understanding and identifying subconscious blocks in yourself, we recommend that you start with spiritual counseling session.  

A past life regression is a profound experience that has the potential to transform your life and the way that you relate to your soul forever.

To schedule your Past Life Regression session, please visit this page.