Permanently Resolving Stress and Anxiety through Self-Inquiry and Introspection

Most people, these days, experience some form of stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

As time and information transfer continue to speed up and the world becomes more and more complex, it’s becoming increasingly more important to manage, reduce, and resolve our daily stress and anxiety.

Doctors and science have uncovered that over 99% (a staggering number) of all disease comes from stress. ​​Meaning that, if we didn’t feel stress, we would not get sick, simply because our natural body defenses would be able to work optimally and eliminate toxins and other environmental pollutants which, when accumulated and left unchecked, create dysfunction and disease in the physical body.

The same is true of mental and emotional conditions. They too come from our stress and the coping mechanisms we implement to try to feel better, or forget how badly we feel, without actually resolving the underlying root cause for the fight-or-flight response, and thus keeping the stress cycle very much alive.

One of the main reasons why stress and anxiety, as well as the myriad of unwanted habits, patterns, and imbalances that they create, don’t get resolved is because most people have been taught to approach stress and anxiety from the perspective of something we have to fight.

The very same life strategy that causes the stress and anxiety – fight-or-flight response – is applied to trying to resolve it Of course, that can’t work.
The language we use to describe the way we approach our stress and anxiety is a clear indication of an underlying dynamic which – once we actually explore it – can give us the key to permanently resolving the stress and anxiety we so want to not feel.

Societally, and globally, we’ve been conditioned to look at the things that afflict us and that we don’t want to experience as bad and wrong, rather than try to understand the underlying dynamics that bring them into existence so that we could actually resolve them without judgment or fear.

We ​​combat stress and anxiety. We fight disease. We conquer fears…

The language of war and conflict itself leads to stress and anxiety. How could it not? It’s all based on survival. And, it’s also this language that keeps us stuck in the problem, rather than focused on the solution.

Our stress and anxiety come from us, our perspectives, our misunderstandings, our beliefs systems, our fears, and essentially from the child parts of us that feel powerless, vulnerable, out of control, and seemingly unable to manage certain situations, circumstances, or relationships in our lives.

To those child parts, the world can look like a very scary and unsafe place when it truly isn’t.​​

And if we go into combat mode and fight our stress and anxiety, who are we ultimately fighting except our own selves? And how stressful is that!

When we’re motivated to combat, fight, or conquer anything, we are motivated by fear, the fear of the situation we assume ourselves to be in and the interpretations we have made about it from our child parts.

Fear, which is only a projection of our imagination, prevents us from being truly aware, conscious, wise, and discerning in the present moment and therefore from making the best decisions in order that we can in order to bring about the best outcomes.

If we’re focused on trying to avoid something seemingly negative from happening, our creative energy is not focused on how to positively influence a desired outcome. It’s, and we become, stifled by fear.

Fighting our stress and anxiety is not the solution.

As Robert Frost says, ‘the best way out is through.’

Avoiding, repressing, suppressing, fighting, or distracting away from stress and anxiety cannot help us achieve the permanent resolution we desire most. It only builds a layer, or buffer, between us and the root cause for our stress and anxiety, therefore keeping us stuck in a loop , that always takes us back to the original stress and anxiety, with only too short a reprieve here and there.

Only through self-introspection and inquiry into the true nature and source of the stress and anxiety can we hope to resolve and permanently transcend these non optimal states and modes of operating.

How much time each day do you spend inquiring into the true root cause for your stress and anxiety?

And how deep do you go into deconstructing the story of why you should feel stressed or anxious about your life so that you can actually find inner peace and create a true sense of equanimity in your life?​​​​

These are questions which, when answered, will start you on your path to creating the life you want to create, a life free of stress and anxiety, leaving space for more love, abundance, creativity, and inner peace.

Wishing you a most wonderful holiday season filled with love, joy, laughter, vibrant health, unlimited abundance, friendship, connection, deep happiness, ​and equanimity!

With love and warmth from Miami Beach,

​​​​Alessandrina & Dexter

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