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Private Session

Use this page to schedule a private session with Dexter or Alessandrina.

Dexter and Alessandrina work with many different modalities and can help you identify what will be most effective and adapted to resolve any challenge or achieve a meaningful intention or goal.

If you're interested in learning more of those modalities, please click on the modalities of interest to you below.

We also offer training in the following modalities:

At this time all sessions are by phone or Zoom video conference. If you are in the Sedona, AZ area and would like an in-person session let us know.

Dexter and Alessandrina are happy to provide a 10 minute free consultation to anyone interested in a private session. You may schedule that by clicking here.

Private sessions allow Dexter or Alessandrina to help you 1-1 and therefore are the most helpful service that Dexter and Alessandrina provide.

Benefits include:

  • Healing and clearing energy blockages
  • Profound new understandings about self and life
  • More inner-peace, joy and connection to your Soul, God and Spirit
  • Higher consciousness
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Enhanced decisions based on your deepest intentions and your highest and best good
  • Resolution of longstanding issues that have been limiting your joy and freedom

To schedule a session, please follow the steps below:

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Alternate Payment Method

If you would prefer your card to be charged after each session based on the session-length (pro-rated by the minute at $150/hour) then please use the button below to save your card details.  Then you can click here to schedule time with Alessandrina and click here to schedule time with Dexter.  With this method you'll receive a receipt after each session showing the date, length and price of the call.