Dexter and Alessandrina

Private Sessions


"My experience with Dexter and Alessandrina has been amazing. I initially contacted them for support & assistance with both personal and professional goals. To my highest satisfaction, I've found the coaching, support, and clarity I was looking for - and more! As a result of our work together, my business is going great, and I feel confident and attuned with myself personally and with others. I feel that through sessions with Alessandrina, who I've worked with extensively, that I have been able to swiftly address places where previously I was 'stuck' or in fear. Her approach is very accessible. She is able to clearly discern and communicate where breakthroughs or improvements can be made. And, she communicates and provides the tools for the client to make these improvements and life-changes with ease. I am very grateful, and happy to have met and worked with Alessandrina and Dexter, and recommend their services 100%."

- David, Chapel Hill

Hello from Dexter and Alessandrina!

We are very happy that you're considering working with us 1 on 1. Private sessions are an opportunity to speak to us personally and tell us about what you're going through so we can understand in detail and comprehensively. During these sessions, we can learn a lot about you and therefore share a lot of new information, understandings and tools that we feel will specifically help you in your process. These new tools and understandings are meant to have very positive effects on your life.

Private sessions are $150/hour. We will charge your card after your appointment depending on how long we speak for, prorated by the minute. When you schedule your appointment you'll see that we reserve 2 hours of time for the appointment. However, your appointment can be as short as 30 minutes or an hour. This is up to you. To schedule a session, please fill out the credit card form below and then schedule an appointment time with Dexter by clicking here or Alessandrina by clicking here.

Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions by using our contact us page.

Please follow these steps to set up your first appointment.

Step 1: Submit your credit card so we can charge you after your session

Step 2: Schedule time with Dexter by clicking here or Alessandrina by clicking here.

Step 3: Prepare for your appointment by creating a list of things you'd like to work on. Be sure to have something to take notes with and a quiet place to talk when it's time for your appointment. We'll call you at the number you give us when you schedule using the link above. We really look forward to speaking to you!