Be Grateful Always by Seeing What Is


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Gratitude begins with an interpretation. At any moment throughout the day, if you’re not in gratitude, then you’re probably experiencing some form of stress, worry or anxiety. These negative emotions hold you back and prevent you from putting your best foot forward in every situation.

In this 3 hour workshop on Saturday, June 6th at 2pm EST, Dexter and Alessandrina will help you understand how you can more consistently interpret your life through a grateful perspective and experience your life, relationships, and experiences as the gifts that they truly are – even when things are difficult.

This grateful perspective will empower you to live life more fully, see all of the opportunities available to you, and receive all that life has to offer. It will also help you to live life with a sense of appreciation for everyone, every moment and everything and experience more joy, love, clarity, inner-peace, higher qualities of relationships, and consciousness in your life.

Gratitude is also a very healing and deeply spiritual state. Living from gratitude can open you up to experience miracles and the wonderful, awe-inspiring presence of the divine in your life.

This workshop will include a long teaching, practices, meditations, and a Q&A.

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Disclaimer: All our workshops are recorded.  Participants do not appear on the video recordings.  If you ask questions and do not wish to have your voice recorded during the Q&A, you can ask your questions in the chat.  For complete anonymity, you can also change your username and keep your camera off for the entire duration of the workshop.