Healing Fear and Trauma with Family constellations (Training & Certification)


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This course is divided into 10 individual lessons that build upon each other. Each lesson is designed to help you understand how you and other members of your family have inherited fear and trauma through childhood conditioning and unresolved trauma from past generations that were never fully healed and integrated. This Family Constellations training will help you heal, clear, and reintegrate forgotten memories and traumas that would otherwise continue to have a negative influence on your experience of self, others, relationships, and life in general. Through this healing and integration work, you’ll be able to feel better, resolve seemingly unresolvable challenges, transcend known and unknown limitations and move past glass ceilings. In addition to the lessons themselves, you’ll be invited to dive deep into your family system and to trace back any of your fears or patterns to their root in the family mind so that you can free yourself from the pain and suffering they would otherwise continue to echo in your life.