Private Reiki Energy Healing Training: Attunement & Certification


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In this 6 hour private in person training, you’ll be guided by Alessandrina to a deep understanding of energy healing and receive your Level 1 Energy Healing (Usui Reiki + Reiki Tummo) Certification. You’ll also receive an energetic Attunement to open your energy system to receive and channel Reiki.  This course is normally conducted one on one in person. Due to COVID-19, this course is privately facilitated via Zoom video with Alessandrina.

To learn more about the curriculum and benefits of taking our Reiki energy healing training certification, please visit this page.

This completely private training gives you the opportunity to get certified, work through your unique energy blockages, develop your entire energy system and chakras, and experience deep spiritual growth.  Private, in person Reiki energy healing : $600 (a $1,000 value)

Once you’ve registered for this training, please use this link to schedule your training.  All private trainings are conducted over 2 days with two 3 hour sessions.