Be Empowered Always by Releasing Victimhood


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In this 3 hour workshop on Saturday, May 9th at 2pm EST,  Dexter and Alessandrina will help you clear patterns of victimhood and victim mentality that you’re likely not fully aware of and that are limiting your energy, joy, creativity and power. Victimhood creates painful, energy draining emotions of disempowerment, stress, anxiety, fear, worry, anger, sadness, depression, blame, judgment, etc.  Why spend any more time in those states?  By participating in this workshop, you’ll gain profound realizations about your self and others and the subconscious process of victimhood that many in humanity are unknowingly stuck in.  You will clear blocks, liberate creative new energy and tap deeper into your own personal power to actualize more of your full potential in all areas of life.  This workshop will include a long teaching, practices, and a Q&A.

Once you have purchased your ticket, visit this page, find your course or workshop, and click on the first lesson. If this is an upcoming workshop, you’ll find the link “How to access the Zoom meeting”. After the workshop we will replace the Zoominfo Meeting with the recording of the workshop. We hope you benefit greatly from this experience.

Disclaimer: All our workshops are recorded.  Participants do not appear on the video recordings.  If you ask questions and do not wish to have your voice recorded during the Q&A, you can ask your questions in the chat.  For complete anonymity, you can also change your username and keep your camera off for the entire duration of the workshop.