Program Group 1-1 Coaching August 2017

Program Group 1-1 Coaching 8/3/17

* How to cultivate the feelings we want inwardly rather than depending on external circumstances for them.

* How to release emotional codependency in relationship, resolve your own emotional pain and fear of emotional abandonment and rejection, and forgive a spouse who uses double standards, safety, and control strategies.

* How to measure spiritual progress and continue climbing the ladder of consciousness.

* How to set healthy boundaries and communicate a request for a spouse to change without using blame, judgment, or punishment.

* How to resolve triggers and triggered states by addressing the root fear and fear projections creating your emotional reaction to pain, and communicate new information to a spouse who’s emotionally shut down and vindictive in order to heal the past and enhance communication in your relationship.

Program Group 1-1 Coaching 8/8/17

* How to understand, manage, and resolve negative emotions such as anger and hatred at the root

* How to release judgment of yourself and others in order to resolve conflict in relationships

* How to forgive yourself and others in order to attain more harmonious relationships

* How to understand, manage, and resolve triggers at the root in order to enhance communication and getting along in relationships

Program Group Coaching 8/15/17

* How to manage emotional changes due to PMS (can be useful for men to be aware of too and for them proactively manage the emotional changes in the relationship)

* How to understand and trace back the ‘if this, then that’ statements to be able to understand the emotional influence they have on us

* How to release the pressure of self-expectation and judgment in the process of change and acknowledge progress

* How forgiveness and using the forgive and forget technique can virtually transform relationship dynamics and create space for personal growth and new opportunities

* How to shift from fear projection and reaction into conscious wisdom and discernment

Program Group Coaching 8/22/17

*How to communicate your needs and boundaries in a relationship without controlling or triggering your partner into fear or negative emotion

*How to reduce the influence of fears and beliefs that originate from family and society in your own decision-making process

*When to use the Sedona method vs. fear release techniques when managing emotional dynamics and triggers

*The value of meditation to set the tone for your day and increase mindfulness

*Forgiveness as a way to release the tendency to want to control a partner out of unwanted behaviors

*The incidence of fear and fear projections on our perception of reality and what we attract into our lives

*Upfront and preemptive communication as a way to avoid conflict and to manage a partner’s fear projections