Weekly Coaching Program December 2017


Weekly Coaching Program 12/5/17

*How to resolve anxiety at the root

*How to manage inner conflict regarding chemically managing stress and anxiety and come into alignment with this choice

*How to manage anxiety naturally through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, meditation and overtime by tracing the root

* The value of using medication for short-term emotional pain management

* Karmic patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior and how they’re reflected in our relationships

* How control and hatred dynamics create high levels of stress and anxiety

* How to use mantra to break energy patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior

and more!

Weekly Coaching Program 12/12/17

* How to manage stress, anxiety, and stay present while driving or doing something that requires intense focus and attention

* Intentionality, conscious wisdom, and discernment as a way to navigate life with more inner peace and to get better results

* Why fear projections, self-judgment, criticism, and punishment are not useful and how they decrease the quality of our consciousness

* Presence, focus management, and the ‘3-foot’ rule

* Understanding the Inner Child, what it wants, and how it operates

* Going beyond the mind and rational thinking

* Operating from higher levels of consciousness

* Consciousness versus fear-driven control strategies

* Understanding blame, anger, and judgment

* Rescuing tendencies

* Forgiving the perpetrator

* How fear is at the root of all negative emotions, judgment, criticism, and the tendency to want to control and punish others