Weekly Coaching Program January 2018


Weekly Coaching Program 1/2/18

  • Identifying and Mapping Fear Projections
  • Managing the Emotional Charge around Fears and Fear Projections
  • Managing Anxiety and Permanently Releasing it at the Root
  • Releasing Fears at the Root using the ‘I am my Fear’ Technique
  • Navigating Life from Conscious Wisdom and Discernment instead of Fear
  • Fragmentation and Parts in Relationship Dynamics
  • Navigating Fragmentation and Fear Mines in Others to get Optimal Results in Relationships
  • Cultivating Harmonious Relationships through Forgiveness and Conscious Wisdom and Discernment



Weekly Coaching Program 1/9/18

  • The All-Powerful Parent
  • How to release our expectation of our partner
  • How the fear of abandonment drives our process of expectation and control
  • The self-protective mechanism of fear
  • How the fear of women and of being rejected by women can create non-optimal relationship dynamics
  • How to connect more with your partner in your relationship without criticism, judgment, or punishment
  • How to forgive yourself and release the fear of pain and of something unsafe happening again
  • and more


Weekly Coaching Program 1/16/18

  • The illusion of control
  • How stepping out of judgment allows people to heal
  • How guilt holds us back and how feeling bad for others doesn’t help
  • Transcending the problem mentality
  • Stepping out of ‘have to, need to, and must” motivation and into more sustainable methods