Weekly Coaching Program November 2017


Weekly Coaching Program 11/7/17

*How to heal your relationship with your children and parents

*How to understand the root cause of guilt and release it

*How to use self-forgiveness, release guilt, heal your relationships, and achieve your relationship goals

*The subtle and important difference between accountability and responsibility

*How healing your relationship with a parent can heal your relationship with your children

* How to use the Ho’oponopono mantra (healing practice) to achieve forgiveness and resolve relationship conflict

*How to resolve karma and karmic patterns throughout generations

and more!

Weekly Coaching Program 11/14/17

*How to manage and progressively resolve underlying anxiety

*How to identify the root cause for underlying anxiety and map the projections creating it

*How to constructively manage and work through negative emotional dynamics in a non-judgmental fashion

*How to consciously navigate relationships, release fears in regards to your relationships, and focus on your intentions

*How to achieve your intentions and goals faster in relationships while releasing unwanted thoughts, feelings, and emotions

*How to safely release subconscious fears and pain inherited from childhood

and more!

Weekly Coaching Program 11/21/17

*How to trace back your emotional reactions to your mental projections

*How to release the emotional charge when triggered using the Sedona Method

*How to use then release the mental projections in order to use your conscious wisdom and discernment in any challenging and triggering situation

*How to remain conscious and respond from your intentions in your relationship rather than react emotionally and potentially damage your relationship

*How to let go of the tendency to control others and external situations and focus on your intentions instead in order to make choices that are aligned with what you want to happen not what you’re projecting could go wrong

Weekly Coaching Program 11/28/17

* How to identify the root cause of Anxiety

* How to release the emotional charge of any negative emotion using the Sedona Method in order to be able to identify the root fear causing the negative emotion

* How to map and trace back fear projections to the root using the ‘and then what’ or ‘if this… then that’ process

* What is simulacra and how is it created

* How to change the past by changing your interpretations and memories of what has happened

* How releasing the fear of losing your relationship leads to greater joy and inner peace, better communication, and more harmonious and connected relationships