Weekly Coaching Program October 2017


Weekly Coaching Program 10/3/17

*Why we build a ‘persona’ and how it limits our growth and capacity to move on from the past

*How to manage, release, and completely resolve anger and the fears feeding our anger

*How to deal with the ‘child parts’ of others in relationships without getting triggered

*How to end the cycle of projections and reactivity in relationships

*What is guilt, where does it come from, why do we feel it, and how do we resolve it?

*What is disrespect, why do people disrespect us, and why we do we disrespect people?

*How to feel and cultivate appreciation for yourself

*Success stories with the course and weekly coaching program

and more!


Weekly Coaching Program 10/24/17

* How to ask for love, support, and affection in times of triggering

* How to manage your emotional process in order to optimize communication with your partner

* How to map your emotional process and follow the ‘breadcrumbs’ to the root cause of all personal pain

* How to become more aware of personal projections and take them out of the equation over time

* How to shift from reacting into appreciating and embracing new opportunities to grow

* How to recognize and embrace progress and follow the signs that lead to more progress and growth

* Success stories with the course and weekly coaching program

and more!

Weekly Coaching Program 10/31/17

* How to stop ‘looking for something’ that’s happened in the past and why we have the tendency to do it

* How to start a meditation practice when you can’t find the time

* The kinds of meditation you can do while exercising or in the midst of everyday life activities

* Why meditation is really just a part of life and self-exploration

* Why it’s so difficult to let go and the value of doing so

* How to release limiting beliefs and self-expectations in order to resolve recurring unwanted emotions

* How to release projections and feel more comfortable in social settings

and more!