Program Group 1-1 Coaching September 2017


Program Group 1-1 Coaching 9/5/17

* How to resolve the fear of conflict

* How to understand and release beliefs that are limiting your current experience of life

* How to understand and heal child parts that keep us stuck in detrimental interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship dynamics

* How to understand the development and unfolding of human consciousness throughout time (and across lifetimes)

 Program Group 1-1 Coaching 9/12/17

* How to release the emotional charge of fear using the ‘I am my fear’ method

* Evaluate the impact of being afraid of losing your relationship on the emotional dynamics in your relationship, your decision-making process, and how things unfold in the relationship

* Assess the impact of control in your relationship and on your emotional state and understand the subtle difference between control and influence

* What is ‘power of influence’ and how does it affect results in your emotional state and your relationship

 Program Group 1-1 Coaching 9/21/17

* How to manage ‘bumps in the road’ when things come up in your relationship and how to let go
* How to manage personal change and how change affects your relationships and experience of self