Receiving more Abundance in your life

Abundance is everywhere.  Are you open to receiving it?

Money is energy.  It doesn’t belong to anybody.  It flows.  It’s possible to get to a point where you never have to think about money ever again.  And that’s a good thing.  There are so many meaningful and fulfilling things to think about, or better yet, to share and experience.

Thinking about money, whether you worry about not having it, not having enough of it, losing it, how to get more of it, how to make sure you’ll always have it, and all of the other strings of stressful or anxiety producing thoughts about money, is not useful nor is it necessary.

You don’t have to control money, how you make it, how much of it you make, how to keep it, or to work really hard for it – not that we ever have actually done that – in order to enjoy being abundant and having money for the things you really want to experience in life.

It’s possible to achieve a state where you never have to think or worry about money and money flows to you with little to no effort or resistance.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to trust that no matter what you choose to spend your time and energy doing, you will be supported and taken care of?  Wouldn’t you feel more focused, happy, serene, confident, and blissful if you knew in your heart that everything always works out and that you never need to worry about anything?  You can.

So what’s the secret to allowing money to flow into your life without having to worry or stress about it or attempting to control it?

It’s actually quite simple.  It’s called alignment.

Coming into alignment with being abundant, feeling abundant, receiving, and allowing for the free flow of money, i.e. energy, in your life, in whichever way you choose to experience it.

Coming into alignment with anything we want and opening ourselves up to receiving it is a matter of first becoming aware of what we truly want, what is meaningful to us in life, why we want what we want, and focusing on our feelings and emotions.  There’s not one thing that we want, including money, that isn’t for the feelings and emotions that we assume we’ll derive from it.

Next, comes the internal resistance.  That’s what we call the ‘drag’, i.e. the weight and limitations created by our beliefs, fears, and karmic patterns in regards to money. Those are the things that you will want to become aware of and let go of if your intention is to experience alignment with abundance and money and allowing it in.  It’s about recreating your relationship to money for yourself, from scratch.

The less conditioned and biased your relationship to money, the more alignment you will find in allowing it in and manifesting it.

If you’re interested in releasing any limitations to manifesting money and abundance in your life and being worry free when it comes to money and manifestation, then you might be interested in joining us this Saturday, June 2nd, from 10.30-12.30 pm EST for a special workshop on abundance and wealth.  RSVP for this event here:
Space and parking are limited.

If you would like to work with us personally on abundance and wealth, then you can schedule a session with us here:

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