Reiki Energy Healing Certification Training: Learn Self Healing and Become a Certified Healer

Everything we see and experience in the outer world is truly and primarily a result of our inner world. This means that with our own freewill, we have the power, over time, and if we choose to, to fundamentally change ourselves and the perspectives that we hold, so that we can, in turn, change the way we experience the world and our day-to-day ‘reality.’

If there are things in your life, right now, that you find challenging, or painful, and that you want to change for the better, you can work towards resolving them permanently and thus create a new ‘reality’.

It might seem impossible at first, or that a huge effort is required from you to ‘move the mountains’ on your way, and ultimately making the shift now will always result in more joy, inner peace, happiness, and love in the present moment and the future.

For the most part and for most of us, we’ve been conditioned to believe that we could or should control the external world in order to change our internal world (i.e. how we think and feel.) This tendency truly doesn’t serve us since our true creative power to influence the outer world lies deep within us not outside of us. Our emotions are ultimately the fuel to all manifestation.

The way we spend our days, the repetitive thoughts that cycle through our minds, the painful memories we store and subconsciously keep re-referencing over and over again, our baseline emotional and energy state, the karmic patterns we inherit from our family and our past lives all make part of our inner world (our microcosm) and continuously influence the reality we experience and manifest (our macrocosm.)

Healing is the process of clearing, healing, and releasing all the perspectives, thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviors, karmic patterns, painful memories, trauma, and other experiential factors that are creating unwanted pain and non optimal results in our lives.

There are many different healing paths, some more direct and focused than others. In choosing your path to healing and a greater experience of life, follow your intuition and inner guidance. What resonates with you and where you are in your current process of healing and life will be drawn to you as your intention and desire are emitted and transmitted by you and attract that which is in alignment with you and the meaningful experience that you seek.

Dexter and I have explored many different healing paths and methodologies, (you can find out more about our personal self-explorative journey here: Healing Journey), ​and together we’ve designed a healing training that we’ve found to be both profoundly effective and enjoyable.

​​People who have participated in our energy healing course, whether they were interested in healing for personal reasons or as a career, have reported experiencing tremendous growth and continuous benefits in their personal lives whether that be in their health, wealth, career, relationships, or/ and spiritual development.

You can watch a testimonial from one of our dear student who recently participated in our private energy healing certification training and graduated with us here:

If you’re interested in getting certified in energy healing, or simply immersing yourself in healing in order to change yourself from the inside out, you can visit our reiki energy healing page here:

You can take the training privately, or in a group setting, depending on your personal preferences and the flexibility of your personal schedule.

Our next group Reiki energy healing certification training will be held on Saturday, November 3rd, from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. You can register for this event using this link: (pre-registration is required for this training.)

If you have any questions or special requests, please call or text Alessandrina at 786-308-9552 or email me at

With love from Miami Beach,

Alessandrina & Dexter

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