side view of calm young woman receiving reiki healing therapy on head and chest

Remote Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a Universal energy that is inherently intelligent, loving, and wise.

When you receive a Reiki energy healing or an energetic attunement, it restores balance and harmony on the energetic, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of your being.

A Reiki energy healing session can help you:

  • clear energetic blockages
  • balance, heal, harmonize, and integrate your energy centers (chakras)
  • integrate your inner system
  • bring your energy system into greater alignment with Source
  • clear old karmas, habits, and unwanted patterns
  • clear subconscious childhood conditioning and programs
  • restore your body to wholeness and wellbeing
  • clear unwanted physical symptoms
  • bring about vibrant health and wellness
  • calm your mind and reduce negative thinking
  • feel more relaxed and peaceful
  • sleep better and clear insomnia
  • experience deep insights and enlightenment
  • experience higher states of consciousness
  • enhance intuition and inner vision
  • increase clarity over your life intentions and goals
  • feel more connected to yourself and others
  • experience more harmonious relationships
  • feel more grounded, safe and secure
  • increase wisdom and discernment
  • be in energetic resonance with love and abundance
  • etc.

During the CO-VID19 pandemic, all Reiki energy healing sessions are performed remotely in the comfort of your own safe space.

Since energy is not limited by space or time, all energy healings and attunements received remotely have the same degree of effectiveness and success.

Unlike traditional Usui Reiki, all of our energy healing sessions are more comprehensive in that they combine principles of:

  • Usui Reiki (Japanese)
  • Reiki Tummo (Tibetan)
  • Mantra Healing (Sanskrit and Tibetan)
  • Medical Qi Gong

Reiki energy healings are beneficial on all levels of your being, and therefore are not limited to physical benefits and healing.


To schedule your remote Energy healing, please visit this page.