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Hello and welcome to our website. This is Dexter and Alessandrina. We know that if you're here, you're likely going through some type of difficult circumstance. Or, maybe you're just proactively looking to enhance your life. Whichever it is, we hope that you're doing well, and having a great day. We welcome you and hope that you find what you're looking for here or wherever you go.

What's on this page

On this page, we briefly describe how our relationship coaching works, what we can help with, and how we can help. If you're interested in a session, please read this page and/or schedule a consultation by contacting us if you'd like. If you're looking for free resources online such as support articles and videos that you can absorb on your own, then please visit our blog and look under the category of relationships where we have all that information.

1-1 work compared to free articles and videos

With the sheer amount of information online, it can be very tempting to research solutions to our personal, spiritual, and relationship issues online, to read books, and to ask friends and family for advice. Certainly, that process can be helpful. That said, it is our experience that when situations are complex, and our closest relationships and most important aspects of our lives are involved, there is no replacement for 1-1 work with a conscious facilitator who can answer your questions as they come up and work with you on a realtime basis and in detail to help you resolve whatever complex and unique conflict or situation you're wanting to resolve. Resolving issues efficiently with 1-1 work can help avoid a lot of unnecessary heartache, headaches, and other issues proactively, before they have stronger ripple effects on our lives. With that said, we hope you enjoy this page, and all the information that we've made available online from this website, our youtube channel, instagram, our books, and our meditation website with hundreds of free, guided meditations. Please contact us at anytime if we can help you with anything.

Relationship Coaching Sessions

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A relationship coaching session is a private session with Dexter or Alessandrina that happens by phone or in person where we interactively work with you to help you with your relationship goals. We can work with just one partner, or both when both are willing. Our clients have been successful even when only one of them was willing to work on the relationship.

Our client's goals typically include:

  • Achieving deeper connection free of pain from the past
  • Resolving and reducing the frequency and intensity of conflict and misunderstandings
  • Learning new methods for communication to manage & reduce conflict and to reach mutual understanding quickly and smoothly during moments of potential future conflict
  • Rebuilding Trust
  • Forgiving and letting go of the past
  • Creating deep intimacy, connection and romance
  • Finding deep love again
  • Learning to be evermore effective teammates and maintaining deep friendship

Our approach, methods, and techniques

During sessions, we work with each client in a unique way, depending on their unique situation.  Sessions are conversational in nature. In these conversations, we identify and provide the energy, information, understandings, tools, and techniques that will empower clients to achieve their goals. By helping you resolve emotional pain and misunderstandings in your relationship, and by empowering you with new understandings and awareness of yourself, dynamics and patterns in your relationship, and ways to operate going forward so you can transcend these patterns, we can help you profoundly, positively change the course of your relationship for the better and according to your needs, wants, and desires.

A few of the ways we can help:

depression counseling healing leading to happy couple on bike

  • Helping you heal pain from the past that keeps coming up again in the relationship by giving you information, perspectives, and methods that can unlock your potential to heal and permanently let go of the past so you can remove those barriers to intimacy and vulnerability and rebuild trust.
  • Helping you identify any well-meaning ways in which you've been trying to affect positive change in the relationship which may not be producing the intended results, understanding why they haven't been, and how to act and communicate in order to achieve the results you're looking for more efficiently and with minimal conflict.
  • Helping you identify the core limiting beliefs, perspectives, and fears that may be preventing you from making the shifts that you want, or that may be preventing your partner from making shifts, so that you can work to release those and finally create the positive change you seek.
  • Helping you gain new levels of self awareness that will empower you to heal any emotional pain you want, and make every moment count with your partner by acting consciously, wisely, and with clarity - especially during emotionally triggered moments.
  • Helping you see how your past need not define your future, and offering you ways to positively influence the relationship without forcing your partner to do anything (even if they appear not to want to change or seek help).
  • Giving you information and tools to manage and heal conflict so that you can reduce it's frequency and intensity, so that it doesn't reach a point of destructive, highly triggered, interaction.
  • Helping you see why this is happening in your life, and the benefits of working through it, if you want to - or, helping you evaluate whether continuing in the relationship is aligned with your deepest intentions and is in your highest and best good.

Nature of Work

Because our work is holistic in nature and because we work with people in very foundational, deep ways that address core aspects of their lives, clients report comprehensive benefits and positive ripple effects across all areas of their lives. In addition, it is expected that a lot of processing occurs days and weeks after a session as clients integrate the energy of their work with us into their day to day. During this time, clients can see a lot of change. Our intention is to always be of help and only be of help. Our approach is one of the utmost loving kindness and respect. Our client’s highest and best good, and serving God and humanity in a grounded, practical, conscious way is our intention, priority, and focus.

Appointments & Pricing

Phone and in-person sessions are $2.50/per minute ($150/hour). Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance. When you contact us for scheduling an appointment, we'll add your credit card to our secure payment processing system, preauthorize your credit card to make sure it is a valid payment method, and only charge your credit card after your appointment - based on its duration. You choose how long we speak for based on your needs and budget. Here is sample pricing for a few common appointment lengths.

30 min: $75

60 min: $150

90 min: $225

120 min: $300

We also offer discounted packages:

8 Hour Package (17% discount)
$1,000 ($125/hour)

16 Hour Package (33% discount)
$1,600 ($100/hour)

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