Relationship Coaching

Potential Benefits

  • Turn relationship issues into positive growth opportunities
  • Work through misunderstandings
  • Reduce conflict
  • Accept and forgive yourselves and each other
  • Communicate better and reach mutual understandings
  • Discover what each of you can do to enhance your relationship
  • Gain understandings, tools, and techniques for communication, forgiveness, and working together constructively
  • Gain new self awareness and deeper, helpful understandings about each other that will help you work together
  • Resolve unwanted patterns in the relationship
  • Feel deep love again

What is relationship coaching

A relationship coaching session can take place over the phone or in person. A session can be with both partners or just one. Through interactive dialogue, we can help you or you and your partner work through relationship issues, work towards relationship goals, and personally and spiritually evolve in the process (if you choose).

Potential Focus Topics

  • Helping you heal pain from the past that keeps coming up again in the relationship by giving you information, perspectives, and methods that can unlock your potential to heal and permanently let go of the past so you can remove those barriers to intimacy and vulnerability and rebuild trust.
  • Giving you information and tools to manage and heal conflict so that you can reduce its frequency and intensity, so that it doesn't reach a point of destructive, highly triggered, interaction.
  • Helping you identify any well-meaning ways in which you've been trying to affect positive change in the relationship which may not be producing the intended results, understanding why they haven't been, and how to act and communicate in order to achieve the results you're looking for more efficiently and with minimal conflict.
  • Helping you identify the core limiting beliefs, perspectives, and fears that may be preventing you from making the shifts that you want, or that may be preventing your partner from making shifts, so that you can work to release those and finally create the positive change you seek.
  • Helping you gain new levels of self awareness that will empower you to heal any emotional pain you want, and make every moment count with your partner by acting consciously, wisely, and with clarity - especially during emotionally triggered moments.
  • Helping you see how your past need not define your future, and offering you ways to positively influence the relationship without forcing your partner to do anything (even if they appear not to want to change or seek help).
  • Helping you see why this is happening in your life, and the benefits of working through it, if you want to - or, helping you evaluate whether continuing in the relationship is aligned with your deepest intentions and is in your highest and best good.