Release Limitations and Let Go of the Past with Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

Would you like to feel light, free, unburdened from the past and clean the slate of things that you may still be carrying with you right now?

Some of the biggest and most repetitive triggers we experience often seem to be rooted in unconscious or subconscious painful memories and unresolved traumas from early childhood, or even past life experiences we are unaware of.

We’ve all had moments when our reaction to a life event or situation seemed to have been disproportionate and highly unexpected.

In those moments when we seem to be blowing things out of proportion, react in ways that don’t seem to make much sense, or not meet societal expectations, we may feel bad, wrong, and disempowered.

Sometimes, this can be as simple as being stuck in the same repetitive negative thoughts, cycling from one negative emotion to another, or involved in destructive or unhealthy habits we can’t seem to let go of.

When this happens, we may judge ourselves, internally criticize ourselves, fear other people’s judgment and rejection of us, or even punish ourselves through berating self-talk and rejecting what is good in us and for us without even realizing that it’s happening.

In this way, we may unknowingly sabotage positive, loving relationships, not grasp great opportunities for success and career advancement, stay stuck in unhealthy habits, not let money and abundance flow into our lives, compromise our physical safety and health, and make less optimal choices about our lives that thus limit our potential for happiness and joy or lead to negative results, all the while judging ourselves.

Because some of the core reasons for those subconscious behaviors, which are driven by hidden fears, beliefs, and traumas, lie in past lives or very early childhood experiences, we stay seemingly stuck or we feel that we have to work really hard to achieve our intentions and goals in life instead of enjoying a more fluid and harmonious experience of life.

it doesn’t have to be or stay this way. You can change that.

Through hypnosis and past life regression therapy, you can be facilitated to easily access the core of what’s keeping unwanted patterns or behaviors in place with the least amount of resistance and learn how to permanently transcend what had previously been keeping you in a state of anxiety or stress and limiting you in your life.

Through this simple and highly effective process, you can save yourself years of therapy and facilitation, and fundamentally shift core patterns and behaviors at the root and permanently.

In this way, you can live a more peaceful, loving, and enjoyable existence and achieve your intentions and goals with the least amount of effort, resistance, or strife.

Hypnosis and past life regression therapy can be done over the phone in the comfort of your own home or office, making it especially easy and valuable.

If that’s something you would like to try out, then schedule a session by visiting us at

Dexter and Alessandrina are certified in Past Life Regression Therapy by the world-renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss.

For information on past life regression therapy as taught by Dr. Brian Weiss, visit:

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