Releasing Fears: I am my fear…

Releasing Fears

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have fears.

Some of our fears may be blatantly externalized (in which case we are aware of them without truly understanding why we have them) such as the fear of spiders or other insects, the fear of sickness, or the ultimate fear of death, etc.

That said, the majority of our fears are actually of an unconscious or subconscious nature, i.e. we are not consciously aware of them.

These kinds of fears remain ‘hidden’, mostly disguised in our subconscious mind or, as belief systems inherited from the collective unconscious, which constantly affect us without our realizing it.

They influence our decision making process without us even realizing that it is happening, i.e. we end up making our choices based on fears rather than our true intention or desire for harmonious life experiences.

Since fears have an effect on us on all levels of our being, i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, it is worthwhile to understand what our fears are and where they originate from (while this may not always be possible since the unconscious or subconscious nature of fears doesn’t  always enable us to clearly trace them back.)

In order to understand our fears, we must first acknowledge that they exist and stop suppressing them.

Being willing to face our fears can only help us achieve the life of inner peace. love, joy and happiness that we all want and deserve.

The process of identifying fears is actually pretty straightforward.

Whenever we are experiencing a state devoid of inner peace, joy, happiness, and unconditional love, we are most likely in a fear state.

Another way of recognizing that we are in fear would be the experience of a series of negative emotions ranging from sadness, melancholia, to anger, frustration, judgment, and everything in between… culminating all the way to hatred (where we get to regain control over that which we judge and have no control over by hating it/ them.)

While some of us may feel that fears play a key role in keeping us safe, it isn’t so.

Of course, it is useful to understand what could unnecessarily bring us pain and suffering and to make conscious decisions in that regard to remove ourselves from detrimental circumstances and environments.

What is not useful is to let the energy of the fear around what could bring us pain disempower us and lead us to make less optimal choices for our lives.

This organic process of releasing fears lets us access the energy of the fears, which we were suppressing before, in order to identify all the areas of our lives where fears were depleting us of energy and stalling us from moving forward with what we intend for ourselves in the pursuit of our intentions and dreams.

At times, it is not always clear what fears are in our system.

Under those circumstances, the most reliable way to identify that we are in fear are our negative emotions.

Negative emotions can only exist when we are in fear.

So it is safe to say that when we are experiencing negative emotions, what we are actually experiencing is a state of fear which in turn leads us to have negative emotions.

The following method of clearing fear can be used with any fear. When you are unsure about the fear that is creating the negative emotion within you, focus on releasing the negative emotion(s) first so that you can release the intense negative charge around the fear first.

Once you have released some of the negative energy which is diminishing your capacity to access full knowledge about the nature of your fear, you become once again more grounded and centered and better able to identify the fear that is at the root of your negative emotion(s).

The technique to release negative emotions and feelings is the same as for that of clearing fears (see separate document on the clearing of fears and negative emotions.)

To optimize the clearing of fears, put some time aside to identify some of your fears, conscious, subconscious, and unconscious.

Journalling about your negative emotions and using introspection during your interactions with others is very supportive of the fear identification process.

Rather than dealing with the fears when they arise and when you are most emotionally triggered, it is also useful to dedicate some time each day or each week to the clearing of existing fears until you feel like you have made some progress with those fears.

A clear indication of that will be when you find yourself once again exposed to circumstances that trigger your fears and you notice that the emotional charge around the fears has greatly reduced, i.e. you can remain centered, grounded, at peace, non-judgmental, and joyful in a situation that would otherwise bring you negative emotions.

Your barometer/ gage for assessing your level of fear will be your level of happiness, joy, deep inner peace, and unconditional love and in contrast the frequency and intensity at which those become disrupted by negative emotions of all sorts.

Note that this technique can also be effectively used when you are being triggered and actively in your fear.

In this instance, first remove the emotional charge around the fear by working with negative emotion release statements to transmute the negative emotions first and then begin to use the fear release techniques as instructed below.  If you’re too triggered in negative emotions, you won’t be able to feel or assess the root fear.



To begin the fear release process, find a comfortable seated or supine position, where you feel most relaxed.

Bring yourself to a state of deeper relaxation by closing your eyes, and taking a couple of breaths inhaling through your nostrils and exhaling through your mouth.

Gradually lengthen your exhales until they are at least twice as long in duration as your inhales.

Now begin to observe the space of your body, mind and heart and with every exhalation choose to release all tensions, contractions, and areas of discomfort on all levels of your being.

Continue with this process until you have reached a deeper state of relaxation.

Next begin to bring up one of your fears.

Feel its energy, feel how your body, mind and heart react as a result of you bringing up the fear (i.e.mentally calling it up on the screen of your mind)

As you become aware of the physical tensions and places of discomfort within your body, the negative thoughts that arise within your mind, and the negative feelings and emotions within your heart, let all the energy of your fear come to the surface and let yourself feel it fully on all levels.

Notice all of the places where the fear is imprinted (i.e. the cellular memory of pain and trauma associated with the fear and all the ways in which it is embodied and manifest.)

Now place your consciousness at the back of your heart,.

This may seem difficult at first.

With some effort and intention, you can bring your awareness of yourself behind the space of your heart center and thereby operate from a place of detached awareness in your fear release process while also benefiting from the positive emotion of unconditional love (which originates from the space of the heart center.)

As you maintain your consciousness at the back of your heart, continuously observing the ways in which body, mind, and heart react to your fear, begin to repeat the following statement;

I AM MY FEAR OF           _________________________________________


I AM MY FEAR THAT      _________________________________________

For example, say, ‘I am my fear of not being in control’ or, ‘I am my fear that I am not in control.’

Say it with intention and intensity, as if you were expressing the fear and how it manifests within you through your speech/ words.

If you are by yourself in complete privacy, say it out loud. If not, then simply repeat the statement mentally to yourself.

Remain in this introspective state while repeating the statement for as long as it takes for you to experience some type of release, i.e. you will feel the energy of the fear clearing up.

The release can be distinctly experienced as the energy raises up the central channel (center of your body) and clears from the 3 lower chakras (root, sacral, navel) and reaches the area of the heart chakra.

Notice how you feel, i.e. how does your body, mind, and heart feel?

What are the thoughts, feelings and emotions in that moment?

Has anything changed since you first started working on the fear?

This is stage 1 of the fear release work, i.e. accessing suppressed fears and their energy for release.

Once you feel that the emotional charge around the fear has lifted, you can move on to stage 2 of the fear release work.



In this stage of the fear release process, you are accessing the energy of your fear of your fears, i.e. the resistance that exists within us to the process of releasing fear.

If we accept and begin to work on releasing fears, this implies that we have fear, and parts of ourselves interpret this as extremely unsafe.

We are in fear of our fears because of the implications of having fear…

By acknowledging that fear rather than suppressing it, and being willing to face our fears and the fear of having fears, we unlock more energy and set ourselves free from trying to control and ensure our safety through the process of fear.

We thereby agree to let go of the false belief that being in fear keeps us safe, and that it will keep us from repeating behaviors that previously brought us pain.

The process of avoiding pain and fearing pain is not useful in any way.

It robs us of the vital energy we could otherwise use to work towards building our ‘dreams’ and growing more determination to support our intentions in life, thereby preventing us from having the true experience of inner peace, joy, happiness, and unconditional love.

When you get to stage 2, you will most likely feel some of the energy that has released (in stage 1) from the 3 lower chakras at the level of your heart chakra.

That’s where the energy collects when the fear of our fear kicks in and we start resisting the full release of the fear from our system.

In the same manner that you worked on releasing your fear in stage 1, you will continue to let the energy of the fear release from your system, starting at your heart chakra and moving upward and out.

Focusing in the region of your heart, feeling all the tension and contraction around that space, continue placing your consciousness at the back of your heart and use the following statement until you get a release/ lifting sensation and you feel your heart open.

Repeat the following statement with the same intention and intensity as you did when you were stating the primary fear;

I AM MY FEAR OF MY FEAR OF        __________________________


I AM MY FEAR OF MY FEAR THAT   ___________________________

Continuing with the same example, you would say, ‘I am my fear of my fear of not being in control’ or, ‘I am my fear of my fear that I am not in control.’

Once the release takes place, move to stage 3 and finalize the complete release of your fear.



Repeat the last fear release statement with the same intention and intensity as you did with the previous two;

I AM MY FEAR OF RELEASING MY FEAR OF     ____________________________


I AM MY FEAR OF RELEASING MY FEAR THAT ___________________________

With the same example, now say, ‘I am my fear of releasing my fear of not being in control’ or, ‘I am my fear of releasing my fear that I am not in control.’

By using this statement, you are now acknowledging your fear of the unknown, i.e. your fear of what will happen once the fear – that supposedly kept you safe – is no longer in place.

This can be a seemingly painful process as it leaves us feeling unsafe and you might experience a lot of resistance at this stage of the release process.

To help you with completing the release process, remember that as you release this final fear you are actually welcoming a new era of your life where your behavior will be guided by your conscious wisdom, discernment, and love of self rather than dictated by a fear-driven control mechanism.

Continue repeating the statement until you feel a complete release of the fear.

After completing stage 3, you should be completely free of the fear you were working on.

If you find that this fear creeps up on you once more, or if you feel some fear remaining in your system in relation to this fear, it simply means that this is a deep seated fear that might have been in your system for a while, or that has a high emotional charge that spreads across many different experiences of pain and trauma you may have encountered or that it brings about many different negative emotions, or that you have believed in the fear so much and for so long that it has transformed into a belief system and that you now perceive life through the tinted lenses of this fear.

If that’s the case, do not despair, simply continue with the fear release process (stage 1,2,3) until you have completely eradicated this fear from your system.

As you use the fear release technique (stages 1,2,3), you can compare it the process of quickly removing a bandaid.

It submerges you into your fear and let you access and feel all aspects of it.

Since the mind cannot distinguish between reality and imagination scenarios, you get to fully live through your fear and realize that after all, you are ok, you are ‘safe’.

Through this process you become fully aware of the real nature of fears, i.e. fears are nothing other than projections from your subconscious mind of unresolved pain and trauma into your external reality.

This process of projecting fears into your external environment is an ineffective and distorted way of trying to resolve our fears.

We store fears within us in an effort to ensure our future safety in all circumstances and continuously play them out in an effort to unravel that misunderstanding.

The underlying belief being that if we can totally control our environment, we will supposedly be safe.

Unfortunately, the state of complete safety as we perceive it is a complete illusion as we see it exposed all the time in unfortunate accidents and events that are totally out of our control.

We are not in control and fears and the way in which they give us the illusion of being in control is deceiving and deceitful.

It prevents us from accessing our highest potential in life.

Using the fear release technique is a self-empowering and effective way to release fears from your system and live a fearless existence, opening yourself up to opportunities and possibilities that cannot be conceived of in a state of fear.

All you need is some patience, determination, and the willingness to experience some temporary discomfort (which can also be transcended by releasing the fear of pain) so that you can begin to experience more joy, love, happiness and inner peace in your daily life.  That’s really nothing when you compare the pain, suffering, wasted time and energy that fear brings into our lives!