Self Assessment on Conscious Listening

  1. What are the main fears that diminish your capacity to listen to your partner?
  2. What kind of fear projections are going through your mind when you have conversations with your partner?
  3. How do you think these fear projections are affecting your capacity to truly listen to your partner?
  4. How much better would you be able to listen to your partner without these fears?
  5. When you speak with your partner, are you able to perceive the underlying fears, beliefs, expectations, and judgments influencing their words and subtract them from the communication so that you can understand their deepest intentions for the relationship?
  6. How often are you able to listen consciously to your partner just to listen to what they have to say?
  7. Looking back on prior communications with your partner, identify the child parts in yourself and your partner that were active and reactive at the time?
  8. What are your and your partner’s deepest intentions in the relationship?
  9. Are you focusing on these when communicating or listening to your partner?
  10. If you are, how is it helping you and what positive results have you gotten from doing that in your relationship?