Self Assessment on Forgiveness

  1. What are things in your relationship that keep coming up?
  2. Why haven’t you cleared them?
  3. What are the fears preventing you from forgiving completely?
  4. What are things in your relationship that you haven’t been able to forgive yet?
  5. Why haven’t you forgiven your partner or yourself for this?
  6. What are the fears preventing from completely forgiving all of those things?
  7. Why do we not forgive ourselves and others for perceived mistakes and hurt that have occurred in the past?
  8. Is not forgiving helping you feel better on a daily basis?
  9. How does not forgiving impacts you, your partner, and your relationship on a daily basis?
  10. Have you gotten back into the past – every conflict and argument that has occurred – uncovered the fears that were creating the ‘problems’ and consciously chosen to forgive yourself and your partner for any perceived wrongs?
  11. How?  And if not, why not?
  12. If you are unwilling to forgive or can’t forgive, what are ways that you’ve learnt to clear this resistance as you work through the underlying fears driving your decision not to forgive completely?