Selfless Love

selfless love unconditional love

Have you ever wondered what selfless or unconditional love really is?  Surely, selfless love is not of the mind.  So, can we really define selfless love, or use words to describe it?  Why don’t we give it a try…

Love doesn’t judge. Love has no judgment.

Love doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hold onto pain.

Love doesn’t control. It is not controllable.

Love has no expectation. It continuously overflows.

Love has no belief.  It exists outside of time and space.

Love doesn’t need anything or anyone. It is everything in and of itself.

Love doesn’t depend on anything or anyone. It encompasses everything.

Love is in every tree, every animal, every flower, every rock, every atom, and all the things we can’t see.

Love is in everything.

Love is everything.

Love IS.

Love can be heard in the silence between our words.

Love can be found in the emptiness between our thoughts.

Love can be felt underneath every feeling that we experience.

Love animates every emotion that we feel.

Love underlies every breath that we take.

Love is always here and you can always find it in your heart.

Love never dies.  It is without a beginning and an end.

When you move into the space of your heart and connect to the love within you, you are free to live without fear, judgment, control, belief, or expectation.

When you move into the space of your heart, you are free to love yourself, your partner, your family, your friends, strangers, and your life and move towards more love and more…

If you like meditating and want to feel this love right now, try this meditation: Self Love Meditation