Spiritual Coaching

What is spiritual coaching

A spiritual coaching session with Dexter or Alessandrina can take place over the phone or in person. These sessions are interactive conversations where we help clients with their personal, relationship, family, and spiritual goals.

Spiritual coaching is our primary service offering. Generally speaking, we have found that spiritual coaching sessions help clients the most out of all of our service offerings. In a spiritual coaching session, we can evaluate what will help you the most. Then, we can blend and combine different methods and understandings from spiritual teachings, hypnosis, past life regression, family constellations, reiki, meditation, mantra, energy healing and other modalities to best help you.

In these sessions, we work with clients to help them get to where they want to go. This can include helping them reach new understandings, clear energy blockages, work through emotions, and learn new techniques that they can use on their own. During these sessions, we are able to facilitate clients with the information and depth of understanding that we’ve attained in all of our work, comprehensively. We tailor this information to each client and their particular situation to help them make progress towards their goals according to their highest and best good. We simultaneously help clients become more self-aware, mindful, and conscious. This tends to produce more joy, fulfillment, harmonious relationships, and spiritual connection in our client’s lives.

In sessions, we may also help clients connect to their soul’s process of evolution and how their current life experiences fit into that. For example, we may help clients understand the deeper spiritual purpose of what they’re going through, what deeper lessons they can learn, what karmas are being processed, and how their spiritual body and chakra system are involved and developing.

We may also offer do-it-yourself techniques, meditations, mantras, and other empowering tools clients can use to consciously manage their situation, benefit from it more, and clear blockages in order to obtain the most optimal results possible. In these sessions, our focus is on helping you in a way that is comprehensively beneficial and applicable across all areas of your life and throughout all lifetimes.  This way, the benefits of sessions are truly holistic, short-term, and long-term in nature.

What methods are used

In addition to facilitative, interactive dialogue, a spiritual coaching session can also include using specific techniques that we offer. This includes Hypnosis (certified by The National Guild of Hypnotists), Past Life Regression (certified by Dr. Brian Weiss), Family Constellations (certified by Dr. Mark Wolynn), Akashic Records Reading (certified by Gabrielle Orr), Mantra (learnt through personal practice and spiritual teachers), and Meditation (learnt through personal practice and spiritual teachers). We also offer many remarkable esoteric techniques that we’ve learned from spiritual teachers during our trainings. Some of these, for example, are designed to clear energy blockages and resolve specific fears, stress or negative emotions. We will use any of these according to our clients requests and our perception of what will help them most.

Our approach

In our experience, each and every one of us has great potential for fulfillment, and resonance with our highest spiritual path. We help clients reach this potential by helping them cultivate greater:

• Self-empowerment
• Mindfulness
• Self-awareness
• Compassionate understanding of self and others
• Unconditional love of self and others
• Complete forgiveness of self and others
• Transcendence of fear, insecurity, and negative spiritual experiences of all kinds
• Attainment of higher consciousness, understanding, wisdom, and discernment
• Attainment of greater connection to their Soul development
• Attainment of greater connection to Spirit

This approach can help clients reach their goals in conscious ways that are holistically beneficial, inspiring, fulfilling, and rewarding.  This can create a greater sense of purpose, holistic wellbeing, and wonderful growth in our client’s lives.