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Dexter and Alessandrina

Your happiness matters

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Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Your happiness and fulfillment matter.

Focus Areas

A spiritual counseling session is a private session with Dexter or Alessandrina that happens by phone or in person where we interactively work with the client to help them with their goals.

Our client's goals typically include:

Spiritual Development

Relationship Goals

Career Goals

Personal Goals

Self Healing & Empowerment

Behavioral & Emotional Goals

Methods & Techniques

During these sessions, we utilize whatever services and techniques our clients would like and that we feel will help them the most with their specific goals. These services and techniques are interactive involving dialogue and practice and they can all be facilitated either in person or over long distance by phone (energy healing is not limited by distance). Sessions are conversational in nature. In these conversations, we identify and provide the precise energy, information, understandings, tools, and techniques that, through our energy reading, we perceive clients are missing in order to achieve their goals.

Techniques we use during sessions include:

Energy Reading

Energy Healing

Spiritual teachings of consciousness, wisdom and discernment

Facilitation of Higher Consciousness

Facilitation of Greater Self Awareness

Teaching of meditation and other practices client's can learn and apply on their own

Past Life Regression and Age Regression Hypnosis


Clearing of  blockages, patterns, and limitations

Facilitation of communication and resolution of conflict within themselves and their relationships

Nature of Work

Because our work is holistic in nature and because we work with people in very foundational, deep ways that address core aspects of their lives, clients report comprehensive benefits and positive ripple effects across all areas of their lives. In addition, it is expected that a lot of processing occurs days and weeks after a session as clients integrate the energy of their work with us into their lives. Our intention is to always be of help and only be of help. Our approach is one of the utmost loving kindness and respect. Our client’s highest and best good, and serving God and humanity, in a grounded, practical, conscious way is our intention, priority, and focus.

Appointments & Pricing

We can schedule free consultations and appointments when you contact us. All of our services (with the exception of events, and training/certification programs) are priced at $2.50/minute.

Pricing at $2.50/minute:

30 min: $75

60 min: $150

90 min: $225

120 min: $300

We also offer discounted packages:

8 Hour Package
$1,000 ($125/hour)

16 Hour Package
$1,600 ($100/hour)

Contact Us

We are very happy to hear from you, help you schedule, and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us using the form below and we'll get back to you shortly. Alternatively, you can call, email, or text us using the contact info provided on our contact us page. Have a great day!