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Spiritual Counseling

Your happiness and fulfillment matter.

You can learn more about our private sessions directly from us over a short phone call where we can answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can read more about our process below. If you'd like to learn more by speaking to us, please call us at 305.606.5941 (Dexter) or 786.308.9552 (Alessandrina) or submit the form by clicking the contact us button below and we'll contact you shortly.

Spiritual counseling with Dexter and Alessandrina

We offer private spiritual counseling sessions over the phone where we help people:

  • attain everything they want to attain in a spiritually aligned fashion
  • become more self-empowered and self-sovereign
  • reduce any pain and suffering in their lives
  • attain greater spiritual consciousness
  • love, accept, forgive, and be at peace with themselves
  • become resonate with, acceptance guidance from, and surrender to spirit
  • recognize and utilize their personal power and influence in every situation
  • recognize the developmental value of experiences in their life and find gratitude for every moment
  • develop greater self awareness, mindfulness, inner-peace, and fulfillment
  • learn how to meditate
  • connect to spirit and their soul
  • clear obstacles, resistance, and blockages of all kinds in their life
  • enhance their relationships and resolve relationship patterns
  • enhance their family dynamics and resolve family patterns

During sessions we've helped clients with:

  • Finding lasting fulfillment in life
  • Relationships
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Emotions like depression, anger, and grief
  • Thoughts like ruminative thinking, angry thoughts, constant worrying, obsessive compulsive thoughts, 'scary' thoughts, hearing voices
  • Career goals and issues
  • Weight-loss
  • Illness & disease management and self-healing (energetically and spiritually)
  • Disorders such as ADHD, OCD, panic attacks, and tremors
  • Self-awareness, mindfulness & meditation
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Addiction
  • Self empowerment

Private Sessions

We work with clients from all over the world by telephone, although we do work with some clients who really want the face to face interaction in person in Miami, or by Skype. Working over the phone allows for greater focus on the information being communicated as opposed to distracting visual input, a greater sense of comfort for clients who get to work from the privacy of their personal space, a sense of anonymity that allows clients to feel more comfortable discussing vulnerable or difficult topics, and easier logistics for tight schedules.

Every session is different and unique to the client and what they would like help with. That said, below, we’ll offer you an idea of how a session might unfold.

In a private session with me or my wife, you might begin by expressing what you’d like help with, any specific ways in which you’d like to receive that help, and all the details, events, and perspectives that you feel are relevant to your situation. We may ask you some follow up questions to uncover useful information, then we’ll discuss what your options are, what you can likely achieve in your situation, and how that can best be achieved according to your goals, priorities, and highest and best good. We’ll also offer spiritual insight, intuition, and education about the dynamics we see influencing your situation, so you can transcend it in the ways that you’d like.

  • We can discuss your different perspectives about the situation and identify any limitations or blind spots, as well as opportunities for new understandings, within those perspectives.
  • We can give you tools to work through any negative emotions, blockages, negative thoughts, or conflict you or a someone involved in the situation might be experiencing.
  • We can help you understand ways in which you can change the situation, and ways in which you can make peace with aspects of the situation that are beyond your control.
  • We can help you shine light on unseen dynamics and patterns – emotional, mental, and behavioral loops – that you may be caught up in, so you can become empowered to step out of it and consciously choose for yourself what you’d like to achieve while gaining clarity and insight into the conditioned and limiting subconscious dynamics our generation and species is currently operating within.
  • We can also help you understand new ways to communicate and behave that can help bring about the positive results that you seek.

Through this work, you can gain new awareness and understanding of yourself and others, release unwanted fears, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and memories that may have been creating pain, obscuration, or limitations in your situation (some of which you may not have been aware of), and you’ll also gain new capacity to constructively navigate the situations you’ve been facing and achieve your goals.

In these ways, through spiritual counseling sessions over the phone, we can empower you to have deeply meaningful, positive, spiritual life experiences of transcending obstacles, going beyond your perceived limitations, and attaining greater awareness, enlightenment, and consciousness in your life.


We offer 2 pricing and payment options:

  1. Pay as you go
  2. Package

Pay as you go

When you pay as you go, the price of a session is based on it's length. Our rate for 'pay as you go' clients is $2.50/minute ($150/hour). We don't limit sessions to any certain amount of time and let the customer decide how long they want the session to be.  Sometimes someone might want a short session, other times a long one - depending on what they're experiencing. For these reasons we allow clients to choose, on each call, when they're satisfied.

For payment, we input our client's credit card information when they schedule their appointment into a secure online payment processor called Stripe. Stripe stores your information in an encrypted fashion - we don't personally store your credit card information. After a session, we'll charge the credit card depending on the session length. We don't require a deposit for you to schedule a session.


We offer 2 packages which require payment in advance. An 8 hour package for $1,000 (effective rate of $125/hour), and a 16 hour package for $1,600 (effective rate of $100/hour). Similar to the 'pay as you go' option, when you purchase a package you decide when and how long we speak for. After each call, we'll send you a receipt showing how long the session was and how many minutes you have left.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Below, we'll summarize what we can help with in our private sessions.

Optional goals for spiritual counseling

  • Learn to manage your thoughts and emotions and release the negative ones
  • Identify and understand limiting, subconscious patterns and blockages in your life and relationships
  • Transcend those limitations to experience relief and progress
  • Resolve relationship issues and enhance your relationships
  • Understand why you feel the way you feel and learn how to conscious manage your feelings from moment to moment
  • Become more consciously wise, discerning, and intentional
  • Feel more joy, inner-peace, and love in your life
  • Become more self-empowered and self-sovereign
  • Connect to your soul's intention for this lifetime and become a conscious navigator of your spiritual path
  • Become aware of the non-optimal subconscious, invisible patterns that we and those around us tend to operate from and transcend those so you can find liberation and empowerment
  • Become more self-aware, conscious, and enlightened in your life

Experiences that our clients have

We are able to see our client's situation from a variety of vantage points and help them identify many positive routes for where they want to go. We're able to give them tools and techniques to help with that process. We're also able to foresee issues that they might not have been able to see coming, or even recognized existed (but which were acting as an invisible weight on their shoulders). As a result, our clients are able to enjoy

  • enlightening and revitalizing "Aha!" moments
  • rapid, complete, foundational shifts in their personal development, goals, and relationships
  • deeper, new, more positive experiences and relationship interactions in their lives.

Feedback we get

Clients often describe feeling much better after a session - that said, the benefit of some sessions may unfold over weeks and years. Our clients describe that sessions have a profound effect on all aspects of their life and relationship. They also describe that it gives life a new meaning and that they feel inspired to know that these things exist. Another piece of feedback we hear often is people saying things to the effect of: "I feel like you're saying things that I've always known but have never been able to put together", or, "what you're saying is exactly what I've been needing to hear". We perceive this feedback reflects that their soul has been intuitively guiding them to the information we share and is deeply resonant with our communications. Truly, our soul, spirit guides, and other 'helpers' are always helping us find the insights that hold the key to our growth, transcendence of suffering, healing, and goals. Another piece of feedback we hear is, "Oh my gosh! I have never seen it that way. It makes so much more sense now!". We are frequently giving our clients enlightening new models of understanding themselves, their thoughts, emotions, relationships, and patterns in their life. Another peace of feedback we hear is, "I'm feeling so good and clear and back to a place of trust and comfortable and confident. Talking with you is so clear and helpful". These examples of feedback are all real feedback we have received from clients whether paraphrased, or word for word.

My wife and I do this work because we've experienced firsthand the valuable benefits of it in our own lives and continue to apply it and refine it every day. If you would like spiritual help with something in your life, whether that be a relationship, a mental or emotional state, or some type of change or conflict that is difficult for you, please contact us to schedule a short call where we can get to know each other, answer any questions you may have, and schedule your first appointment if you'd like. We can also offer you distance or in person Reiki and Past Life Regression.

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You can learn more about our private sessions directly from us over a short phone call where we can answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can read more about our process below. If you'd like to learn more by speaking to us, please call us at 305.606.5941 (Dexter) or 786.308.9552 (Alessandrina) or submit the form by clicking the contact us button below and we'll contact you shortly.