Teen Consciousness and Mindfulness Facilitation

Dexter and Alessandrina have been supporting the balanced and joyful development of children and teens through their guided meditations and private coaching work.

We live in a complex and stressful environment and empowering our children and teenagers with understandings, insights, and tools that help them understand themselves better and navigate a rapidly changing world is key to their wellbeing and the evolution of our species as a whole.

During a teen coaching session, we'll assess the challenges, goals, and intentions of your child and work together to create an energetic shift and to provide tools and information that will further support this shift over time.

Through this shift, your child is able to find solutions to seemingly unresolvable problems and conflicts.

Topics and areas of focus with children and teens often include:

  • boosting self-confidence
  • enhancing social interactions
  • improving self-image and self-worth
  • clearing negative thoughts and emotions
  • creating a strong, positive mindset
  • improving family dynamics
  • supporting balanced and harmonious relationships
  • healing emotional pain and trauma
  • improving grades and school work
  • releasing stress and anxiety around tests and exams
  • improving communication skills
  • supporting the healing of addictions
  • clearing distorted body image issues
  • creating healthy emotional and energetic boundaries
  • managing bullying and social conflict
  • resolving parent-child conflict
  • reducing ADD/ ADHD and OCD tendencies
  • releasing fears of any kind
  • and more.

We look forward to helping your child feel better about themselves and thrive.

To schedule your Teen Coaching session, please visit this page.