Ten Easy Steps to reduce, manage, and resolve stress, worry, and anxiety at the root

If one of your intentions is to reduce, manage, and resolve stress and anxiety in your life, we’d love to help.
Stress is the number cause of physical and mental illness.  In addition to the detrimental influence it has on our bodies and minds, it also negatively affects our emotions, and wastes precious energy that could otherwise be used for spiritual development and enlightenment.
Here are ten easy suggestions you can start implementing that will over time create big shifts in your relationship to stress, worry, and anxiety and to your life.
1. Change your relationship to time by resonating more and more with the idea that, you have more time than you will ever need to get everything done.  This can become your go-to mantra when you start to feel like you have ‘no time’.
2. Take your time, slow down, and remove as many distractions as possible when doing things that are meaningful and important to you so that you can truly enjoy them.  Your emotional state changes your perception of time and priorities.
3. Identify what is truly a priority in your life right now and focus more and more on the things that really bring meaning to your life and the people you love.
4. Simplify your life by removing the less important things that don’t actually bring you more value, and focusing on what really does.
5. Whenever you feel stressed, worried, or anxious, pause for a moment and ask yourself, ‘is being stressed, worried, or anxious going to help me achieve what I want to achieve?’,  ‘And if not, what actually will?’
6. When you feel confused, lost, or overwhelmed, break things down into smaller and more manageable tasks and actions, and do one thing at a time with calm and presence.  This really helps to reduce stress and become more in touch with what you’re doing in the present moment, with less tendencies to project yourself into the future.
7. When you feel overwhelmed, or that you ‘can’t’ do something, first release the belief that you ‘can’t’ do it. Then, identify what you’re projecting might or might not happen that’s leading you to believe that you ‘can’t do it, so that you can eventually address each one of your concerns, one by one, and realize that it’s all in your imagination.
8. If you spend a lot of time in your head, thinking, and projecting negative potential scenarios, start to progressively ground yourself more and more (there are many ways to ground yourself, including grounding techniques available on our free meditation website, www.theepicself.com) in order to be more and more in your body, present and aware to what is happening right now.  Keep coming back to your body and the ‘now’ every time you realize that you’re thinking.
9. Focusing on the future doesn’t help us become content, happy, and deeply fulfilled in the present moment.  Positively shifting your emotional state in the present moment while holding a constructive vision of the future does.  Use different techniques – like the ones we teach or others you know of – that help you shift your emotional state consistently and over time, permanently, so that you can experience more inner peace, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.
10. The most beneficial step you can take to permanently reduce and resolve stress, worry, and anxiety in your life is to preemptively and proactively identify areas that repeatedly bring about stress, worry, and anxiety, known as ‘triggers’, and rather than simply removing the triggers by changing things externally, understanding more deeply what internal thoughts, emotions, fears, beliefs, expectations, or judgments are associated with each trigger and working to clear, heal, and release each one at the root.  
If you apply these ten steps, in addition to a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, daily meditation, cultivating nurturing relationships, and anything else that helps you feel more relaxed, present, grounded, and at peace, you’ll find that you’ll experience more and more calm, inner peace, deeper happiness, and personal fulfillment.

For a short (1 minute) video ​​on a simple method to clear stress, worry, and anxiety when it comes up, click here: https://youtu.be/GR2KM-IUXBs
To find out what events we have planned for this week and how they can help you reduce, manage, and resolve stress, worry, or anxiety, visit: www.dexterandalessandrina.com/events
Wishing you a wonderful day filled with inner peace, joy, love, and deeper happiness!
Alessandrina & Dexter
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