Transcending prior limitations and moving forward: How to ‘feel’ yourself into a greater life

You can’t think better than you feel.
And from those thoughts, you can’t feel better than you think.
Do you see the circular nature of this cycle?
It plays in a loop, and most often, without us even realizing that it is.
This subconscious, non-optimal cycle can be permanently transcended.
It’s absolutely possible to fundamentally change the way you feel so that you can, in turn, change the way you think.
And when you change the way you think, you’ll start making choices that will be more and more empowering, you’ll continue to feel better and better every day, and your life will change for the better too.
As you start to change the way you feel, think, the choices you make, and the way you act, you’re creating a new cycle, a new life, a new reality.
This is the process of you consciously choosing to change your inner world with the intention of also changing your outer world.
In this new reality you’re creating from moment to moment, you feel better and better every day.  
And as you continue to feel better and better, you make greater and greater choices every day.
The real question is, ‘how do we change the way we feel?’
In a way, changing the way we feel is simply a matter of making that choice.
And what gives us the capacity to make that choice?
When we realize deeply, and fundamentally, that the cycle we’ve been operating from is not working and we courageously choose to transcend it and replace it with a new paradigm we know to be of greater benefit.
In this new paradigm, which you’re creating and holding a vision of, you have the opportunity and the God given freewill to choose how you feel in every moment no matter what is happening ‘outside’ of you.
And by doing so, you get to choose at any given moment to think new thoughts, assign new meaning (or none) to your experiences, and to make new choices that will mirror how you feel, thus reinforcing your newly self-created emotional state and transcending the old cycle of pain and feeling stuck.
Is this something worth your time and energy?
You can feel yourself into a greater life.  
This process is essentially one of de-conditioning and releasing the past from your consciousness so that you can live the life you choose rather than the life that was reactively and karmically mapped out for you and handed down generation after generation.
It’s possible for each of us to feel good now by choosing from moment to moment to manage the way we feel and focus positively on what feels good while letting go of what doesn’t.
Try it.  It feels good and life gets exponentially better and better doing so!
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