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Weekly Development Program

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Each week Dexter and Alessandrina will provide a 1 hour live class followed by a 1 hour Q&A session.  The class will typically contain a talk followed by a meditation practice to integrate the teaching.

Dexter and Alessandrina offer high quality, conscious and profound teachings to help practitioners or anyone with an internal focus to deepen their practice and experience balanced, catalytic transformation.

Typically Dexter and Alessandrina would price a 1 hour class at $10. The price for the weekly class (4 per month) is $25/month. The Q&A sessions are priced separately at $25/month. Dexter and Alessandrina have chosen to sell the services separately in order to keep the price low for those who can only afford one of the services.

"When we humbly remain students of life and aim to deeply understand ourselves, an ever expanding, unlimited world of discovery and development becomes possible.  Each discovery can bring more clarity, more peace, and less suffering as we expand beyond what we previously thought we knew."

- Dexter and Alessandrina


A key focus in Dexter and Alessandrina's work is to help individuals experience more consistent inner-peace, joy and quality relationships as well as to reduce suffering of all kinds. Dexter and Alessandrina have experienced firsthand how this can be achieved through conscious self awareness, meditation, surrender and holistic models of understanding that support individuals and humanity. Dexter and Alessandrina will choose topics and meditations for each class from their knowledge base of understandings. Topics and meditations will be chosen based on their capacity to help provide inner-peace, joy, healing, quality relationships, self awareness, consciousness, enlightenment, awakening and resolution of negative thoughts, negative emotions, fear, pain, suffering and conflict. Topics will become more advanced over time.

Cultivating & Clearing

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Most people knowingly or unknowingly focus primarily on a simple form of cultivating in order to manage their life and emotions. Sort of like "fake it till you make it", this is when we try to just change what we think, believe or feel in order to get results. It may include repeatedly focusing on the positive, visualizing, or some form of the law of attraction.  While cultivating is a very important part of life, if we focus only on cultivating we can experience difficulty creating lasting change.  In other words, cultivating can begin to feel like trying to climb high up a mountain while dragging weights or anchors.  Eventually, the weight can become so heavy we stop moving forward.

While Dexter and Alessandrina do teach conscious cultivation techniques, they also focus on teaching a process of clearing 'the weights'.  Just like cleaning your house is important, clearing your mind, body, emotion and spirit system is an important part of life that is often overlooked in personal development and spiritual communities.

Clearing is about first becoming consciously self aware of and identifying parts of ourselves that don't support our true priorities and intentions. Second, it's about then letting them go through a process of healing, resolution or release.  We all have the capacity to get in touch with and release these parts, and yet few people know how, where to look or the benefit of doing so.  The process of clearing is actually a wonderful journey of awakening to ourselves, our relationships, our life and the world around us.  It takes learning, time, and practice, and it is truly worth it.

Through this program, Dexter and Alessandrina will guide you through a gentle, gradual process of awakening on a weekly basis.  These teachings will open your eyes and heart to limiting patterns in your life, mind, emotions, family, culture, and the collective consciousness that you never knew existed, understood the implications of, or succeeded in releasing. Having 7 days between classes gives time for you to learn, reflect, practice, apply, integrate and repeat - an excellent structure for you to experience deep, comprehensive understanding and evolution.

"People try to do, do, do, create, create, create, build, build, build. Like a dirty lens, they accumulate all this stuff on the outside and it's all connected to stuff on the inside - unsatisfying thoughts, problems, emotions, dislikes, desires and needs. All this stuff gets in the way of their ultimate satisfaction, which can actually be found in the center of their being. True happiness is not found by constant doing and building. It's found by undoing, deconstructing, letting go and clearing which reveals our true nature. Because what's left when there is emptiness, when our lens is clear, is divine and we can finally experience the purity of our being."

-Dexter and Alessandrina

About Dexter and Alessandrina

Dexter and Alessandrina share deep, integrated and comprehensive understandings, consciousness and wisdom from having worked extensively with highly evolved spiritual teachers.  In their journey, Dexter and Alessandrina have evolved significantly together in their quality of consciousness, awareness, relationship, and capacity to serve the highest and best good of all beings.

"The greatest masters are the greatest students."

-Dexter and Alessandrina

"People can build incredible structures, develop amazing technologies, have billions of dollars, and make extraordinary scientific discoveries in the outer-world, and yet still struggle immensely to let go of the illusion of control, surrender and find inner-peace, love, and joy in their hearts - all of which happens in the inner-world.  Outer achievements pale in comparison to what can be experienced inside.  How can we achieve greatness in our life on Earth, if we haven't attained greatness and purity within? What do we build with the great tools in our lives when we are not guided by great and pure intention? Only then, can we finally witness the true miracles of life."

-Dexter and Alessandrina