What to expect from a private session

Every session is different and unique to the client and what they would like help with. That said, below, we’ll offer you an idea of how a session might unfold.

In a private session with me or my wife, you might begin by expressing what you’d like help with, any specific ways in which you’d like to receive that help, and all the details, events, and perspectives that you feel are relevant to your situation. We may ask you some follow up questions to uncover useful information, then we’ll discuss what your options are, what you can likely achieve in your situation, and how that can best be achieved according to your goals, priorities, and highest and best good. We’ll also offer spiritual insight, intuition, and education about the dynamics we see influencing your situation, so you can transcend it in the ways that you’d like.

  • We can discuss your different perspectives about the situation and identify any limitations or blind spots, as well as opportunities for new understandings, within those perspectives.
  • We can give you tools to work through any negative emotions, blockages, negative thoughts, or conflict you or a someone involved in the situation might be experiencing.
  • We can help you understand ways in which you can change the situation, and ways in which you can make peace with aspects of the situation that are beyond your control.
  • We can help you shine light on unseen dynamics and patterns – emotional, mental, and behavioral loops – that you may be caught up in, so you can become empowered to step out of it and consciously choose for yourself what you’d like to achieve while gaining clarity and insight into the conditioned and limiting subconscious dynamics our generation and species is currently operating within.
  • We can also help you understand new ways to communicate and behave that can help bring about the positive results that you seek.

Through this work, you can gain new awareness and understanding of yourself and others, release unwanted fears, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and memories that may have been creating pain, obscuration, or limitations in your situation (some of which you may not have been aware of), and you’ll also gain new capacity to constructively navigate the situations you’ve been facing and achieve your goals.

In these ways, through spiritual counseling sessions over the phone, we can empower you to have deeply meaningful, positive, spiritual life experiences of transcending obstacles, going beyond your perceived limitations, and attaining greater awareness, enlightenment, and consciousness in your life.

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