Self Assessment – What feelings are made of

  1. What have you assumed would happen when you have gotten into negative feelings in the past, for instance by getting angry?
  2. What are some of the conscious projections you are aware of when you get into negative emotional states, i.e. what negative implications do you think might happen?
  3. Are you now aware of subconscious projections that created certain negative feelings that you were not aware of before?
  4. Do you think there might be more subconscious projections influencing your negative feelings when you have them?
  5. What ways do you have available right now to uncover more of those subconscious projections?
  6. What will happen when you become aware of those subconscious projections?
  7. How will that affect your feelings and emotions, your relationship, and your life?
  8. What are ways that you have available right now to release your negative feelings when they come up?
  9. What will happen in your relationship when you choose to release your negative feelings instead of using blame to get relief from pain?
  10. Do you see the value of doing so until you get to a point where you are able to uncover past subconscious projections that are driving your projections and release them too?