‘Who is it’ Release Method

Use the ‘Who is it’ Release Method to resolve and release all the limiting feelings – including emotions, thoughts, fears, beliefs, expectations, or judgments by following the 5 steps below:

Step 1: Focus your conscious mind in the area of your body that ‘feels’ whatever feeling you want to clear and process out.  This feeling could also manifest in the form of a statement. Connect to the specific body part where you feel the feeling or statement the most and focus your attention there. Mentally take a note of the intensity level of the feeling on a scale of 1-10.

Step 2: Formulate a statement/ sentence in your mind that clearly reflects whatever the part of your system is saying or feeling as you focus on that part. Use the format of a question as follows: ‘Who is it that feels…’ or ‘Who is it who fears…’ and fill in the blank.

Step 3: While focusing on the part of yourself that you want to clear, heal, and release all limiting feelings from, begin repeating the statement you just formulated to yourself, over and over.  You can repeat it mentally or verbally to yourself.  If you want to get optimal results, you must focus absolutely on where you feel the feeling in your body as you repeat the statement.

This step is necessary because the part of your subconscious will often try to hide from, or escape, your conscious questioning and focus.  This is because each of our subconscious parts has a self defense mechanism of sorts that tries to keep us from changing it.  That part believes it’s keeping us safe (it’s not!)  Continue to repeat the question (no matter how much resistance you encounter) until the feeling is fully processed out of your system!

To truly succeed with this technique, you must face the feeling with as much intention as you can.  If you do so, the part of your subconscious that feels negatively will process out of your system permanently.  If you keep feeling resistance to repeating the statement, simply override it with complete focused determination.  Remember that this resistance is only your subconscious mind’s resistance to changing old beliefs, control strategies, or habits of thought, feeling, and decision-making.  Resistance is a good sign that you are progressing, so keep moving past the resistance!

Step 4: Continue repeating the ‘Who is it’ question until you feel that the emotional part of yourself that you want to reconcile and resolve has been completely changed and processed out of your system.  This means that you no longer feel what you felt in that part of your body!  Listen to any emotional or internal dialog responses you get as you repeat the question, as these ‘answers’ can lead you in the direction of other feelings associated with the original feeling you are trying to release and that you will want to also release later on.  If you get answers like ‘me’, or any other blaming response towards yourself or others, keep going with the questioning.

Whatever you ‘hear’ is part of what you’re trying to process out fully.  This internal dialogue is just bits of information and old memories generated by the subconscious mind.

Simply getting an internal answer of any sort does not fully accomplish this goal.  When the feeling is fully resolved, you will know it because you will no longer feel it!

Step 5:  Check in with your system to see if there is any residue of the old feeling, internal dialog, or belief left in any part of your body.  Re-evaluate the level of intensity of the feeling on a scale of 1-10 and perceive the degree of reduction in intensity you experience.  This helps you reinforce that you are making progress and encourages you to continue with the process until you no longer feel the feeling at all.  If you find any residue of the feeling in any part of your body, then again determine the level of intensity of the feeling that you feel and where it is most intensely located in your system. Then continue repeating the statement until the feeling, belief, or internal dialogue is fully gone.

If you’re satisfied with the results of your process, then go onto the next feeling you want to positively change in yourself.  No matter whether you ‘hear’ answers to your questions or not, the process is working and the feeling is processing out of your system.
If you keep hearing ‘no’ as an answer to your questioning, simply note that this is greater resistance to the release process you are completing. It doesn’t mean anything more than that and it is again a sign of progress.

The result you are seeking through this process and asking the question ‘who is it’ is the complete clearing of any prior detrimental behavioral tendency, negative belief, thought, negative internal dialogue, destructive or self sabotaging perspective, or negative emotional state including a state of fear.

Using this technique supports you in releasing all prior tendencies that are not in alignment with your intentions and that are preventing you from achieving your most cherished goals.

Any limitation that you feel in life tends to hold you back in your capacity to achieve what you truly want in life, or worse, could lead to the manifestation of the things you do not want as you keep overtly focusing on what you want to avoid, creating beliefs around it, and reacting to them as if they were real, true, or valid.