Why One on One Facilitation Is Vital

Today’s social, political, and economic environment is quite complex and rapidly changing. Advancements in technology, the internet, and changing social norms are creating an unprecedented rate of change and even more complexity. With almost half of marriages ending in divorce – relationships are feeling this pressure. With the amount of stress and pressure an individual might feel in a given day – individuals are feeling this pressure. Today’s levels of internal conflict, external conflict, stress, fatigue, burn out, addiction, and suicide attempts show that people are feeling overwhelmed with today’s rock tumbling process.

Ironically, it is this level of stress and overwhelm that is creating a tipping point. In this tipping point, people rich and poor are feeling enough suffering in their lives to start to question their old beliefs and to value new things such as meditation to try to find more inner-peace, joy, and better relationships in their lives.

There is vast amount of truly helpful and potentially transformative spiritual knowledge that is not readily available in the world today. It’s not taught in schools, university, by parents, or even leading psychologists or therapists. That said, it is incredibly empowering, and can help people achieve positive change on their own that they may have never thought they could. My wife and I provide this facilitation via our spiritual phone counseling sessions. We make this spiritual knowledge accessible by tailoring it to each and every individual based on their unique situation, experiences, preconceptions, and goals in a way that only a 1-1 process of spiritual guidance can provide. The facilitation we provide has positive ripple effects across all areas of our clients’ lives, including their entire future, and the futures of those they’re in relationship with. Below, we go into more detail about the process.

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