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What to expect from a private session

Every session is different and unique to the client and what they would like help with. That said, below, we’ll offer you an idea of how a session might unfold. In a private session with me or my wife, you might begin by expressing what you’d like help with, any specific ways in which you’d…

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Guiding Principles Of Our Work

Spiritual counseling varies from provider to provider. Some teach according to a specific religion or healing modality. Others integrate a more holistic view of spirituality and the divine, integrating information from many different cultures and healing modalities, and also include energy healing and psychic work. The spiritual coach you choose, their personal level of spiritual…

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Why One on One Facilitation Is Vital

Today’s social, political, and economic environment is quite complex and rapidly changing. Advancements in technology, the internet, and changing social norms are creating an unprecedented rate of change and even more complexity. With almost half of marriages ending in divorce – relationships are feeling this pressure. With the amount of stress and pressure an individual…

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Life Is Like A Rock Tumbler

Life is like a rock tumbler. In this metaphor, each one of us is a rock. When we get in the rock tumbler, we’re rough, sharp, and edgy. As the rock tumbler begins to spin, we start bumping into each other over and over. As this happens, we often feel pain, react to the pain,…

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Accountability Compared To Responsibility

There’s a big difference between accountability and responsibility.  We recommend accountability as the more conscious, wise, loving, and effective process for individuals and groups to grow, learn, and evolve. Accountability is a non-judgmental and non-biased process of assessment, evaluation, and reflection and can lead to gaining awareness, clarity, and understanding.  It is productive because it…

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Why we get angry over small things in relationships

In the above video, we discuss those situations in relationships where either we or our partner get intensely angry, hateful, judgmental, or even repulsed about something that seems small or insignificant and how to handle such situations.  For example, our partner might get very upset when we are: happy and talking about life eating (maybe…

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