How to truly forgive

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Forgiving at all levels of our being can be challenging.  While parts of us want to forgive, other parts of us can be afraid that if we forgive, we’ll feel pain again.  In order to protect ourselves, we may feel the need to hold onto the past and the pain of the past not realizing how much limitation that creates on our day to day quality of life and relationship.

In this workshop, ‘How to truly forgive’, we’ll help you clear the pain of the past and open your heart to new experiences of self, others, and life.

The workshop is about 1.5 h and includes a teaching, guided meditation to help you integrate what you’ve learned more deeply so that you can positively shift, and a Q&A where you can ask any question that’s relevant to you and your life situation.  Once you register for this workshop, you’ll be able to login and access the Zoom link.  If you can’t attend live or simply want to rewatch, a few days after the workshop has ended, the will be available as a recording

Disclaimer: All our workshops are recorded.  Participants do not appear on the video recordings.  If you ask questions and do not wish to have your voice recorded during the Q&A, you can ask your questions in the chat.  For complete anonymity, you can also change your username and keep your camera off for the entire duration of the workshop.