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Positive Affirmations: How to use positive affirmations to powerfully heal and transform yourself and your life

If you’ve read some of our prior short articles on Neuroscience as it relates to the process of changing our ingrained habits, patterns, and addictions, you might remember that part of the process of change – or deconditioning – primarily relies upon changing how we feel in the present moment rather than waiting for something…

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Family Constellations: Understanding and Clearing the negative influences of our family conditioning, karma, belief systems, and limiting patterns

We’re all connected on multiple levels and in many, sometimes unrecognized, ways. Becoming aware of the depth of our interconnectedness and ways in which it influences us, our thoughts, emotions, decisions, and life results on an ongoing basis is key to us understanding, dismantling, and releasing non-optimal patterns, habits, and behaviors that we’ve inherited through…

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