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2 hour Live Online Q&A on Saturday, July 18th at 3pm EST New York Time

Q&As are on opportunity for you and others to consult with Dexter and Alessandrina in a group setting. You will take turns asking Dexter and Alessandrina questions.  Dexter and Alessandrina will provide many transformational teachings during these Q&As that will benefit you, even while Dexter and Alessandrina are answering someone else’s questions.  If you’re interested in attaining higher consciousness, deeper understanding of self and others, resolve negative thoughts, emotions and conflict, and experiencing more inner-peace, joy and self-empowerment, then a Q&A session may a great experience for you.

Q&As are an affordable way to experience 2 hours of consulting with Dexter and Alessandrina as they help you and others.  Q&A sessions will give you an opportunity to ask 1 or 2 questions that you’d like help. Dexter and Alessandrina can usually spend 10 minutes on each person. If you need more time than that, then a private session might be a better option for you.  Listening to Dexter and Alessandrina answering other people’s questions can be very helpful and you may be surprised how applicable those answer will be in your life.

In a Q&A you can ask questions about any topic such as your relationships, thoughts, emotions, career, well-being, meditation process, intentions and more. You can ask any question you want. In these sessions Dexter and Alessandrina help guests with issues, goals, obstacles, doubts, concerns, worries, fears and any intention. Dexter and Alessandrina will help you approach the situations in your life from a sense of greater calm, peace, clarity, understanding, consciousness and love and therefore help you experience more of the results you truly want.

Here are a few examples of what we may cover…

How to:

  • enhance your meditation experiences
  • understand and clear existing blocks in your life
  • clear, heal, and release old patterns of thought, emotion, or behavior that no longer serve you
  • experience more inner peace, joy, gratitude, and happiness, energetically support the healing of a condition or illness
  • enhance all aspects of your relationships
  • create new career opportunities, attract more abundance in your life
  • receive a new partner

Once you have purchased your ticket, click on the link below called, “How to access the Zoom meeting” for the online meeting invitation details and link.