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3 hour live online workshop on Saturday, June 20th at 2pm EST New York Time

Every life, every day, every experience and every moment is precious.  Why wait to begin deeply appreciating the time we have here, and all that life has to offer?  Out of the blackness and emptiness of space, life places us on this miraculous ball of Earth that is alive, floating seemingly in the middle of nowhere. On Earth we get to experience relationships, nature, food, love, Spirit, experiences, opportunities, and learning lessons.  The quality of consciousness that we apply to life and how we interpret our experiences determine how much love and light we experience in our lifetime on Earth, as well as how much we evolve.  Participating in this workshop will help you enjoy every day and every moment more by giving you the understandings that will help you appreciate your life more fully.

This workshop will include teachings, practices, meditations and a Q&A.  Once you have purchased your ticket, click on the link below called, “How to access the Zoom meeting” for the online meeting invitation details. After the workshop, this link will be replaced with a link to the recording.